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Celebrate your Birthday – or Summer – with Kindness

  This article caught my attention and it seemed a fitting one to post for Feel-Good-Friday – and the 1st day of summer!   Match your age with acts of kindness   For her 34th birthday, Katie Jones decided to

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Honoring Dads and Daughters

In honor of dads and daughters everywhere! The healthy relationship you have with your daughter paves the way for her success in life.   On this feel-good Friday post, read this touching tribute to one woman’s father, and the difference

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Mystery Letter Brings Love

Here’s a heartwarming post to end the week on a feel-good note.  So often we hear people say that it’s too late or they’re too old to try something new. That’s true if you want to live a mundane life

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Space Oddity

Colonel Chris Hadfield has to be one of the coolest people ever. A great leader. I admire what he’s done for mankind and am in awe of what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it. There are

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3 Heartwarming Dad and Daughter Stories

With the spotlight on mothers this weekend, it seemed fitting to balance things a bit with some touching dad and daughter stories. I love to see the wonderful relationships male friends have with their daughters, and female friends with their

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3 Life Lessons From Our Elders

I recently discovered this website, chock full of advice from our elders – those who have lived it. Check out the website for much more wisdom. Three of the stories are shared below. The last one is my favorite –

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Don’t Worry – It Wastes Your Life

  It turns out the most common regret elders in our society have, is that they regret having spent so much time worrying.   Here’s an excerpt from the article which contains wisdom from the experts who have lived it,

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The Invitation

This poem arrived in my reading, exactly when I needed in dealing with a day and week of challenges and life lessons. But they pale, in fact, they’re non-existent when I look at the love that envelopes me on all

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A Red Shirt, Courage and a Cat

Today is Friday. That means I’m wearing a red shirt to honor those who have served to protect our rights and freedom. They’ve also sacrificed to protect the lives of others in countries far removed from our own.   Most

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11 Things I’ve Learned (Maya Angelou)

Yesterday Maya Angelou, American autobiographer and poet, turned 85. She has had a long and extensive career as an autobiographer, poet and change agent. Born into extreme poverty, the list of her accomplishments is endless.  And she’s still going strong!  

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