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Meet Trudy

by Liz Jansen   In all my years of riding, through a litany of motorcycles, I’ve never named one. My Triumph Tiger is different. She needed a name. Even then, it’s taken almost a year to find the right one.

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7 Checks to Make Sure You’re Ready to Ride

by Liz Jansen More than half the riders killed on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) patrolled roads in 2015 died through no fault of their own. It’s a staggering number and one we can change. We can’t control the actions of

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The Best Laid Plans

by Liz Jansen It sounded like a noble and doable plan: take four months during the winter, off-riding season and write the first draft of Crash Landing, my next book. At least get a good start at it. It began

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7 Pros and Cons of Independence

by Liz Jansen Last summer I was a 60-year-old woman, traveling solo by motorcycle across the continent, camping, exploring, and meeting many wonderful friends. This spring, I was back where I started geographically, confined to a small apartment—the same woman,

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The Power of Letting Go

by Liz Jansen Ask any motorcycle rider what it’s like to ride and you’re sure to hear them try and describe that feeling of freedom, independence, and spiritual connection that comes from being out on the road. It’s hard to

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10 Superfoods for the Soul

by Liz Jansen Holistic nutrition is derived not only from the food you eat, but also from community, meditation, wisdom, sensuality, and play. A healthy diet now paves the way for a healthy future. Not only do you feel better,

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10 Ways to Protect Your Vision

by Liz Jansen Learning to use your vision to control your direction is the first lesson new motorcycle riders are taught. The same principles apply to life and for the same reason: you’re drawn to where you’re looking. Unless you

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10 Tools for Improving Balance

by Liz Jansen Take it from the voice of experience. It’s easier to maintain balance on a motorcycle than try and recover it once you’ve lost it. It’s no different than life. Staying in balance is a whole different experience

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10 Ways to Set Priorities

by Liz Jansen There’s little room for error when you’re riding a motorcycle. Riding skills are only the beginning. You need to set priorities and make decisions with confidence in order for others on the road to take you seriously. Sound

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10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

by Liz Jansen While you don’t come with throttle, clutch, or brakes, there are direct parallels and lessons on how to manage your power and learn to make better decisions through motorcycle riding.  Apply the symbolism from motorcycle controls to

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