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Ron Grace | Lost for a Reason

Ron Grace and Mark Levesque co-founded Lost for a (LFAR)  as a way to say THANK YOU to the children and families on the Navajo reservation for the use of the land on which they ride, run and explore.

Allan Karl | Navigating After Sudden Change

  Allan Karl spent nearly three years riding around the world, alone on a motorcycle. Along the way and high in the Bolivian Andes he crashed and crushed his leg. But this didn’t stop him. While he was devastated by

Gaila Gutierrez & Tad Haas | MotoStays

Gaila Gutierrez and Tad Haas are two ordinary people who had big dreams of living a life out of the ordinary. They currently reside in the Seattle area and hope to begin planning their next big adventure. Burned out on

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Karl Koop | Mennonite History and Culture

Karl Koop specializes in the history of Christianity and in contemporary theology, and is particularly interested in Anabaptist studies, Systematic Theology and topics related to religious unity.  He has written and co-edited several books and articles related to Anabaptist studies and

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Ed McGaa|Ancestral Wisdom To Heal the Earth

This is Part 2 of my interview with Eagle Man. Listen to Part 1: Life and Spirit of a Sioux Warrior here. Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) is a registered tribal member of the Oglala Sioux and was born on the Pine

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Ed McGaa | Life and Spirit of a Sioux Warrior

Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) is a registered tribal member of the Oglala Sioux and was born on the Pine Ridge reservation. He received his Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University and earned a law degree from the University of South

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Jeremy Kroeker | Journeys of Fear and Faith

Jeremy Kroeker has traveled to nearly 30 countries with his motorcycle and done at least one outrageously stupid thing in every one. One October, he rode from Canada to Panama in an attempt to flee the pain of a broken

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Judy Willems | About Liz Jansen

The Wheels to Wisdom podcast follows an incredible quest that Liz Jansen has embarked on. It seemed fitting, on this her first week on the road, that we take a step back and get a good snapshot into Liz’s life and

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Michele Carter & Masoomeh | Skin Care Tips

Michele Carter was hooked on motorcycles the first time she rode a dirt bike when she was 10 years old. You’ll also find her out on hiking trails, ski slopes and just about everywhere else in between she can explore.

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Grant Johnson | Preparing Your Motorcycle for Travel

  Grant Johnson and his wife Susan are veteran travelers. In early 1987, they sold everything, quit their jobs and headed for Panama on a motorcycle. They eventually rode RTW (around the world) north to south, two up on a

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