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16 comments on “Newsletter Thank You
  1. susan mackie says:

    Love the Newletters

  2. Ivette Reyes says:

    I enjoy your newsletters very much. They are inspiring and encouraging. Thanks Liz for a great job.

    • lizjansen says:

      Glad you’re enjoying them Ivette. Much appreciate your feedback – and you’re willingness to share your story!



  3. mario walsh says:


  4. debi cable says:


    I look forward to receiving your newsletters, they are informative, relevant and enjoyable. You have hit the mark on so many topics, thank you.

  5. Carol Hayes says:

    It was such a pleasure meeting you in Chicago at the motorcycle show. Will you be there in 2013?

  6. Mary McGee says:

    I for sure want to keep up with your fabulous newsletters. I thank you for putting out the effort for all of us motorcycle enthusiasts.

  7. Kelley Dietrich says:

    Hi Liz, thanks for the valuable “lessons”, perspectives, topics, inspiration, and for just plain keepin it rollin along…I applaud you! It’s amazing to see the passion that we share as people who ride motorcycles!

  8. Liz, Thank you for all of your insights and inspiration. I will continue to read your newsletters and hope to meet you on the road again. Thanks, also for the 28 Life Lessons.

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