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Crash Recovery a.k.a. Change Management 101

by Liz Jansen Recently I was interviewed by Adventure Rider Radio about Crash Recovery. It’s not something I’d expected to be known for. We were talking motorcycles but what impressed me yet again as I listened to my conversation with

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5 Ways to Be Open to What the Road Delivers

by Liz Jansen Being open to what the road delivers and prepared to deal with the consequences, makes you vulnerable to pain. We’ve all experienced deep hurt, betrayal, and deceit by people close to us. It’s a natural reaction to

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Tammy Perry | Life in Guatemala

by Liz Jansen When we last spoke with Tammy in January 2014, she was leaving her job in Newfoundland, her house was sold and she had a contract for work in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan. We’re checking in with her, six

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The Importance of Practicing Change

Push your comfort zone. Do something uncomfortable. It’s what every thought leader speaking at the Power of the Road conference advocated, born out through stories from their experience. No one expects major changes to affect them, but job loss, illness,

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Announcing Power of the Road Online Conference

by Liz Jansen I’m super excited to announce a new online event that will use Power of the Open Road to lead global change. If you’re ready for change and ready to make a greater individual and collective difference, you

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That Sinking In Feeling

by Liz Jansen When I first conceived the notion of writing Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment in August, 2008, I was energized. It brought together everything I’d done up to that point, and I was excited by what

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10 Free Gifts That Make a Difference

First published in December 2012, it bears repeating here. At this time of year when there’s so much focus on consumerism, let’s remember the gifts that go on forever.   Within each person is the power to make a difference–in

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Knowing your Purpose and Acting on It!

We all come into this world with special gifts and a unique purpose. For some, it takes years of searching before knowing what that purpose is.   Think of how exceptional it would be to know what you’re here for

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3 Teens Who Helped Change the World

Each of us has the power to effect change. A simple act of kindness can travel around the world. It doesn’t matter what our age or circumstance. It’s particularly touching when youth show strength and leadership.   These inspiring role

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9 Ways to Stay Balanced While Dealing with Change

Nothing is static. Dealing with change, whether welcome or not, voluntary or imposed, is the norm. Yet there are times when the activity level reaches an unusually frenetic pace and it’s difficult to maintain balance. When riding a motorcycle, you

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