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Disempowering Motorcycle Myth Debunked

by Liz Jansen “If you’re going to ride that bike, you’d better be able to pick it up by yourself.” “I can’t go on a solo trip until I learn to pick it up by myself.” The first statement was

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7 Pros and Cons of Independence

by Liz Jansen Last summer I was a 60-year-old woman, traveling solo by motorcycle across the continent, camping, exploring, and meeting many wonderful friends. This spring, I was back where I started geographically, confined to a small apartment—the same woman,

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10 Tools for Improving Balance

by Liz Jansen Take it from the voice of experience. It’s easier to maintain balance on a motorcycle than try and recover it once you’ve lost it. It’s no different than life. Staying in balance is a whole different experience

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5 Reasons to Let Go and Practice Openness

by Liz Jansen This winter of intentional hibernation, reflection, and allowing my heart to lead the way has brought tremendous lessons, challenges, and gifts. Quelling my ego’s drive to “make things happen” has been at the forefront. In its place,

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10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

by Liz Jansen While you don’t come with throttle, clutch, or brakes, there are direct parallels and lessons on how to manage your power and learn to make better decisions through motorcycle riding.  Apply the symbolism from motorcycle controls to

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10 Ways Mirrors Shape Your Point of View

by Liz Jansen Over the past few years, I’ve been fascinated to understand how culture and environment shape our point of view. How they’re applied in our early years both enhances and distances us from the essence of who we

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10 Beauty Lessons from Motorcycles

by Liz Jansen A motorcycle’s engine holds a tremendous amount of power—more than most of us come close to using. However, just because it’s capable of performing at a certain level doesn’t mean it always will. And it’s not affected

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7 Ways to Practice Non Engagement

by Liz Jansen  As a rider, you know there’s no point engaging in a confrontation with another vehicle on the road. You’re going to lose. The same is true in life. Allow your self to engage in another’s drama or

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7 Ways to Practice Non Attachment

by Liz Jansen To practice non attachment is to let go of the labels you’ve attached to yourself. It’s about remaining grounded and centered, working from that place of power that is you, rather than the roles you’ve bought into.

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7 Ways to Practice Non Judgement

by Liz Jansen All of us want to change the world for the better. The most effective way to do this is to change the perception of how we perceive problems. By looking at challenges differently, we can turn them

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