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Learning to Express Gratitude in the Everyday

by Liz Jansen Expressing gratitude was an engrained practice in my family. Every day, my grandfather gave thanks to God for being able to live in a land of freedom and peace. Even during years of poverty and hardship, prayers

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Encore—Following Last Year’s Ancestor Trail

by Liz Jansen Following up a life-changing motorcycle trip with an encore, especially one that doesn’t involve motorcycles, isn’t typical. But I expect it to be at least as meaningful. Next Saturday, August 5th, I’ll fly out to Alberta with

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Discovering Gold in Chaos—Adapting to Change

by Liz Jansen My house move is over and I settled into my new place within a day. As upsetting as it was to get evicted (slight embellishment), it’s been like discovering gold in chaos. There were two ways to

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25 Things I’m Thankful For

by Liz Jansen This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and a time to reflect on our bounty. As I do this, I’m very conscious of a powerful and damaging hurricane that’s wreaking massive havoc and destruction. My thoughts and prayers

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Parting Words From a Friend

by Liz Jansen Terry returned to spirit form on October 15, 2015, two months after his diagnosis. Those of us who knew him are better off for having shared a portion of our earthly journey with him. We feel profound loss and sadness,

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The Fifth and Almost Forgotten Grace

by Liz Jansen Last week’s post on The Four Graces barely hit the cyberwaves when I was reminded that there was a fifth forgotten grace. No make matters even worse, this grace chronologically preceded the others: the grace of the

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16 Ways to Pay it Forward to Moto Authors

After a weekend of feasting and shopping, today is a day to pay it forward and spread goodwill. Credit for the idea described here goes to Jeremy Kroeker, who raised it on a FaceBook post, last week. It’s a perfect way

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Giving Tuesday | A New Reason to Celebrate

Yesterday I was researching stories, looking for a new spin to put on Thanksgiving Day and coming up empty. I can make a list of creative ways to celebrate the day or things I’m grateful for, but it feels lackluster,

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Remembrance Day

by Liz Jansen Today on Remembrance Day 2014, we pay special tribute to all those who have served our countries in the military. Their sacrifices, courage and patriotism have given us the way of life we enjoy today. We will

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7 Reasons to Celebrate Abundance Anytime

by Liz Jansen While every day is one to express gratitude, Thanksgiving Weekend is a special time to celebrate abundance. It’s traditionally a time of giving thanks for the harvest and the blessings of the preceding year. Today marks the beginning

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