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7 Tips to Restore Balance in Life

by Liz Jansen Last week I posted 10 More Reasons Motorcycle Tips Over. It seemed appropriate to balance that with an article from the archives with Tips to Maintain Balance in Life.  Learning to achieve balance in your life is

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5 Things I Learned from Solo Motorcycle Travel

by Liz Jansen Solo motorcycle journeys are magical. It may take a few days to settle in, but the longer you’re out there, the greater the magic. Not only do you experience that spiritual connection with nature and your higher

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Premium or Regular? 10 Fuels to Power You

by Liz Jansen About this time of year, many of us need an extra shot of energy, especially if we’re not riding our motorcycles. Here’s a reminder of the kinds of things that fuel us and will give us that

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7 Steps to Practicing Stillness

by Liz Jansen Last week in the article on Embracing Active Stillness, I talked about my intentional decision to learn and practice stillness. Here I’ll show you how I’m doing it. Down the road, I’ll let you know how it’s

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10 Tips from Motorcycles for Optimal Health

by Liz Jansen Often I find I have to look no further than my own writing for the answers I’m looking for. Given the reflection and healing I’m focusing on now, my reading took me to my own book and

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10 Ways to Protect Your Vision

by Liz Jansen Riders recognize the critical need to protect their vision. Your eyes are not built to take wind, bugs, dust, and stones, even at slow speeds. Protecting your vision on your life’s Road is no different. No one else

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The Gift of Grace

by Liz Jansen Earlier this week, I spent much of an afternoon hiking around Peace Valley Ranch with co-owner Natalie Kotyck. Located in an idyllic setting flanked by the Niagara Escarpment, its 1,200 acres of pastures and woodlands undulate down

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10 Reasons to Use the Brakes

by Liz Jansen Applying the brakes reduces your speed. Whether that means slowing down or coming to a full stop depends on the situation and how you decide to respond. Braking is something that is completely under your control. It’s

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7 Ways to Use Less Energy to Get Better Results

by Liz Jansen I don’t know about you, but I seem to be having to stop and fill up my tank more often this year. What I’d like to do instead is find ways to use less energy to create

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9 Sources of Distractions

by Liz Jansen Nowhere are distractions more potentially perilous than while you’re operating your motorcycles. The many demands on your time and personal resources seem crucial, but if you take a step back and look at them in the grand

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