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Go Back to Your Roots

by Liz Jansen Have you ever sought an answer for what you thought was a complex question, been given the answer many times and in many ways, but still didn’t get it? And when you did, it was so simple,

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The Folly of Carrying Excess Weight

by Liz Jansen In my dream, I was riding my black Yamaha FZ1 (two bikes ago) with a group of friends. ‘Joe’s’ bike broke down and somehow he assumed he could ride mine and take me as a passenger. In

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10 Reasons to Ride Manitoulin Island

by Liz Jansen Legend has it that when the Creator made Manitoulin Island it was so beautiful, He called it home. First Nations peoples have lived and traveled through here for thousands of years. It’s such a special land, in

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Embracing Active Stillness

by Liz Jansen As winter, snow, and arctic air has forced many of us inside, so too have I been led to introspection and questioning how I got to where I am. Since my accident four months ago, I’ve been

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Restless Spirit

by Liz Jansen As I rapidly approach my 60th birthday, I carry an unmistakable sense of restlessness. It’s not something that’s uncomfortable or uneasy, just a sense that I need to be moving to stay in that place that is

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Overcoming Resistance: 10 Steps to Master the Friction Zone

As I push out of the driveway today for 6 weeks on the road, it seemed fitting to revisit this post, first published on January 3, 2013. Designed to protect you from harm, self-generated resistance stops forward momentum. Understanding and

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7 Essential Ingredients for your Spirit to Thrive

Your spirit is the essence of who you are; the unique blueprint which is your identity; the singular combination of skills, knowledge and attributes that no one else has. Just as your physical body, which houses your spirit while you’re

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