5 Lessons From Life—To Last a Lifetime

by Liz Jansen

Lessons from LifeAnniversaries of significant events are good signposts upon which to reflect on the lessons from life. And so on the anniversary of my motorcycle crash, I find myself thinking about my journey over the past three years.

It’s as if I’ve traveled light years since then, yet from my soul’s perspective, I’m closer than ever to where I started life on earth.

Five Lessons Lessons from Life

  1. Realize I’m not in control. Life unfolds miraculously without our intervention. When we try to control it is usually when we end up in a mess. By surrendering to it and acting on our inner guidance, our ride is much smoother. As much as I tried, or willed my motorcycle to stay upright, I couldn’t control it and crashed. We don’t have to inform our physical bodies how to function. Our hearts beat, we breathe, and we digest food without any voluntary input from us. Why do we think we have to control other events? Or that we even can?
  2. Accept I’m different. We’re meant to be different than everyone. Just as our bodies require a diversity of cells, each with a unique composition and function, so too does our human community need people with a variety of interests and talents to be robust. It’s our diversity that makes us strong.
    We come to this earth configured with unique gifts. Recognizing, nurturing, and sharing them is part of our purpose here. They don’t have to be grandiose or elevate us to a level of prominence. But they’re there, waiting to be expressed.
  3. Follow the leader—i.e. my intuition. We never know the ripple effect of our deeds, or how a simple act of kindness has changed a person’s life. We don’t have to know. All we need to do to make our own life joyful is to trust and follow what’s in our heart. The rest looks after itself. I trust with certainty that I’m being guided in the direction that’s best for my soul’s calling.
  4. Acknowledge the independence I once prided myself in, is a myth. We’re interconnected with all life. We need each other for survival—water, food, shelter, and love. Our thoughts and actions create a ripple effect of whatever message we sent out. It makes me want to live simply and compassionately, not taking more from the earth than I need.
  5. Embrace the journey. We’re all on one. Like any trip, many routes arrive at the same destination. Our mission is to find the way that suits us best. I am a part of others’ journeys, just as they are part of mine. Honoring who I am, means being authentic to myself, and with others, not trying to pretend to be someone to avoid hurting another’s feelings. It’s the utmost way to bestow honor.

Like the storms in nature, life crashes can create havoc, but as intense as they can be, they don’t last forever. Always, they leave us with lessons for life. Storms, or life’s crashes, are often the catalyst for restoring balance and furthering our spiritual growth.

What’s your recent lesson?  Share in the comments.


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

6 Comments on “5 Lessons From Life—To Last a Lifetime

  1. Liz, I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. Well done for all of us.
    If you are ever in the Wiarton or Owen Sound area, let’s have a coffee
    & chat at our house and ride!



  2. As always Liz, an interesting, authentic very enjoyable read.I love it how you combine motorcycling and your personal growth, I can relate to that so well, but you are the one with the gift to write!

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