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The Wheels to Wisdom podcast follows an incredible quest that Liz Jansen has embarked on. It seemed fitting, on this her first week on the road, that we take a step back and get a good snapshot into Liz’s life and get to know, and maybe understand her perspective and what inspires her.

In this episode, Liz Jansen’s cousin Judy Willems interviews her about her family, background, early influences, the road that’s led her to this point in her life, and where she’s going next.

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Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment - Liz JansenIn this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where she grew up and her family background
  • Early influences that shaped her
  • When she began riding and the role of motorcycling, even as a teenager
  • Where her career started and shifted
  • About the year of significant transitions and a change in direction at midlife
  • What’s happened in the last decade
  • Why she’s embarking on this journey
  • What concerns her about this trip
  • What she intends to accomplish

This is Road Trip is Liz’s next “assignment.” She’s continuing with her work as before, it’s just that now she has a mobile office. This is what she’s supposed to be doing right now and she embraces it. When you get the call to do something like this, the first step is accepting it, or not. After that, it’s figuring out a way to do it. Why would you say no?

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“When you get the call, you accept or not. Then figure out how to do it. Why not?”  Liz Jansen


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2 comments on “Judy Willems | About Liz Jansen
  1. mary says:

    loved watching this…Jude, you did a great job and Liz, as always I am proud to be your sister. Well done both of you.

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