16 Riders Talk About Their Adventure Heroes

We love reading about adventure travelers who ride around the world – or at least parts of it.


I asked riders, “Do you have a favorite? Whose adventures have you followed?”


Photo courtesy of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Here’s what these Motorcycle Mojo had to say.  I’ve included lots of links so you can check out these adventurers.



16 riders talk about their adventure heroes


  1. Mark K.  Oh my there is so many! Jeremy Kroeker Motorcycle Therapy is an outstanding little read, Paddy Tyson The Hunt for Puerto Del Faglioli is equally as good. Rene Cormier The University of Gravel Roads first gave me the taste of wanderlust… Glen Heggstad 2 books were great…. So many! Now only if Tiffany Coates would write a book!  I can go on… Sam Manicom is a fantastic writer and so is Lois Price!  Oh and I cant forget Neil Peart`s Ghost Rider as well!


  1. Liz J.  And i have to put in a word for Carla King – American Borders; She’s got her China Diaries coming out soon.


  1. Kevin G.  To add to the distinguished list of those already mentioned, Emilio Scotto’s epic journey documented in “The Longest Ride” is an amazing story and pictorial. And long distance rider John Ryan”s exploits and world record captured in “The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing” is also a favorite.


  1. Rick M.  The first book I read had to be Ted Simon, and Jupiter’s Travels. Inspired a couple of generations!


  1. Lou De A.  Boorman and McGregor – loved their Long Way Down and Long Way Around, as well as Charlie’s Damar set


  1. Noel H.  Charley did a cross Canada ride too. There is a book and a film.


  1. Jennifer P.  Jammin Jay. Lois Pryce. Austin Vince and crew from Mondo Enduro & Terra Circa. Ted Simon. Rene Cormier as mentioned above. Sam Manicom.


  1. Mandy A.  Loved Lois’s books! I think ‘Lois on the Loose’ was the first one I read when I started riding. Also Ewan and Charlie’s series and Paddy Tyson’s was great as well.


  1. Karen G. I read Paddy’s book last year…great book!


  1. Kees S.  Have to be Rene Cormier! He rides the same bike as me!


  1. Suhaymath N.  I really enjoyed the adventures of McGregor and Boorman. I just heard of the Adventure Trio, a Father/Mother/Son team on a motorcycle adventure. I haven’t had the chance to check them out in depth yet, but I look forward to doing so.


  1. Tom M.  I like reading Ron Keys’ travelogues in Mojo. Rode the Iron Butt with him.


  1. Noel H.  I almost forgot the “2 ride the world” blog/li>


  1. Noel H.  I have a book by Tim Severn called Tracking Marco Polo. He describes following Marco’s route on a BSA. The book was written in 1964 so I suspect the trip happened sometime in the late 1950s. Boorman and McGregor also seemed to have a lot of fun. One mustn’t forget Ted Simon.


  1. Bob E.  Paddy Tyson is certainly fun to follow.


  1. Jeff S. just into adventure motorcycling in the last few months. I follow one that is now going on. that is We Love Moto Geo and like this


Who are your riding heroes?







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  1. My friend Angelica Gierl in Germany. She is a nurse, I guess in her early 60ies now, and takes her BMW around the world in groups or alone. She writes daily blogs when she is out and everytime she is back, something is missing in my life without her blogs! She has all the humor and mental strength to do this!!!! I adore her….

  2. My héroes are all the women who get out and ride their motorcycles, does not have to be a long ride, just get on and ride.

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