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Ana Forrest Ana Forrest has been changing people’s lives for almost 40 years.  An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, she’s also a Medicine Woman and author of Fierce Medicine. Ana created Forrest Yoga as she worked through her own life traumas to find healing. Every year she travels the globe, teaching workshops, headlining at yoga festivals and running Forrest Yoga teacher trainings. She developed these Sadhanas, aka spiritual guidelines, to integrate into her daily practice, to optimize physical, emotional and spiritual health.

When Ana isn’t teaching, she loves to ride her motorcycle into the wilderness.

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In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  • Speak your truth from a place of honesty and integrity.
  • Learn to live honestly at the edges.
  • Practice being your wiser self in all things.
  • Live on the ecstatic spectrum.
  • Practice living struggle free.
  • Build your strength.

How we go around the twisties on our motorcycle sets us up for what’s ahead. How we go through them and hold them inside of us, totally dictates what comes after that. The same principles apply throughout the rest of our life.

Turning on deep breathing is part of bringing in that high-level intensity, awareness and awakeness, and sweetness into the moments of our life, no matter what we’re doing. Start breathing deeply and the treasures will come in.

With your deep breathing, invite in the self-awareness and feeling, being very curious and away of how to live with integrity in that moment. Choosing to go numb is outside of integrity. We need that sparkle up energy of our younger self so we don’t get burdened by our knowledge and can savor how wonderful it is to be alive.

A daily practice is like maintenance wherever you are on your journey. The Sadhana practices give us a daily diet for the evolving soul. Choose to take the actions that will evolve your soul. Be brave enough to do something to evolve yourself.

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“You’re important enough to do a daily practice to strengthen connection to your authentic self”  Ana Forrest

“Stepping into your wiser self is an enticing place to live, never boring.” Ana Forrest


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