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Setting Free the Past to Open the Future

by Liz Jansen I met Abigail twenty-two years ago at an SPCA foster home in rural Ontario. My husband and I were looking for our little Mickey who had disappeared and there she was, a little tortoiseshell kitten sharing a

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One More Month

by Liz Jansen Exactly one more month to go, until I pull out of my driveway, intending not to return for an indefinite period of time. I’ll be traveling to places unknown, both literally and metaphorically. While there are always last minute

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Travel Planning and the Road to Here

Earlier this year, I wrote about 5 big ticket travel planning considerations for my upcoming trip to South America. With two months until departure date, lots has already fallen into place, often in ways I wouldn’t have expected.  Here’s how things

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Planning Adventure Travel – 12 Weeks Pre Departure

by Liz Jansen As incredulous as it seems, I’ll soon be underway on an amazing road trip. It’s been maybe 16 weeks since the seed was planted, and now only 12 weeks until departure. I know people plan these trips

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Plans Taking Shape

by Liz Jansen As is nature’s way, everything develops with it’s own perfect timing. In this way, I’m gaining awareness and the reason for my trip is taking shape. Our minds can only process so much at once, and mine’s

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That Sinking In Feeling

by Liz Jansen When I first conceived the notion of writing Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment in August, 2008, I was energized. It brought together everything I’d done up to that point, and I was excited by what

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7 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Travel

by Liz Jansen Now that I’ve decided to ride to South America, it’s time to get a little more specific. Other than knowing I’m leaving this year sometime, the rest is still a haze. The best way to clear that

5 M’s for Big Ticket Planning Considerations

by Liz Jansen Now that I’ve established I’m riding my motorcycle to somewhere in South America, sometime this year, it’s time for a break. Already. While the magnitude of this trip has yet to sink in, there are a few

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Connecting the Dots to South America

by Liz Jansen Be careful what you put out to the Universe. Never forget that Spirit is always listening and ready to respond. That’s how I find myself planning to ride to South America. Chile. Never in my wildest dreams

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