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9 Choices Within your Circle of Control

by Liz Jansen It’s hard to picture anything more invigorating than a motorcycle ride through the countryside, feeling the wind, the sun and the freedom. You want it to last forever. As romantic as it sounds, it comes with a

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9 Reasons to Brake

Applying the brakes reduces your speed. Whether that means slowing down or coming to a full stop depends on the situation and how you decide to respond. Stopping is not always be the best alternative. In any case, braking is

9 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness

Imagine trying to ride a motorcycle and not knowing how to control it or what inputs make it perform the way it does. Understanding how the controls work, how your actions and the actions of other influence your ride is

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9 Inputs that Help Maintain Control

Whether we’re cruising down a country road or traveling our life’s Road, we’re surrounded by guidance that helps us maintain control and arrive safely. Ultimately we’re in the driver’s seat. While the information on which we base decisions is rarely

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