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Tips on how to purchase gear

10 Tips for Selecting a Helmet

I have been wearing a modular Schuberth C3W helmet for almost a year and been extremely impressed with its quality and comfort. It fits like a glove, has good air flow and excellent aerodynamics. I’ve always worn high-quality helmets but

10 Qualities to Look for in Heated Gear

Thanks go to Hakim Driouche at online gear-heaven retailer Revzilla, who answered my questions about brand and feature comparison. Wearing heated gear  from neck to ankles extends my safe and enjoyable riding season significantly. In fact, it’s unsafe road conditions, not the

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10 Qualities to Look for in Motorcycle Gloves

by Liz Jansen While most motorcyclists appreciate the protective properties of helmet, jackets, pants and boots, the value of motorcycle gloves gets overlooked. Hands and fingers are vulnerable. Outstretched, they’re often the first body part to contact the ground. In

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10 Functions to Look for in Motorcycle Jackets

by Liz Jansen Motorcycle jackets are one of the first pieces of gear a new rider or passenger wears. Function, fit and fashion are now integrated in a plethora of styles and materials. Whether you select leather or textile, consider

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10 Functions to Look for in Motorcycle Pants

by Liz Jansen For years, blue jeans were the only type of riding pants I wore. Then I tried real riding pants and now it’s rare to venture out with just jeans. The material, functionality and fit of riding pants

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10 Tips for Buying Motorcycle Boots

by Liz Jansen When it comes to riding a motorcycle, feet are often the most taken for granted piece of equipment we have. Not only are they our form of transportation when we’re off the bike, we count on them

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10 Things to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Gear

No one intends to fall off his or her motorcycle. Yet it happens. Motorcycle crashes killed 4,502 people in the United States in 2010.[i] Countless more were injured. Deaths and debilitating injuries ranging in scale from massive to minor, change

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10 Tips for Purchasing a Motorcycle

Many of you may be thinking of purchasing a new or new-to-you motorcycle. With the plethora of models, brands, and styles out there, filtering all the information you’re going to be hearing and seeing to find the bike that’s just

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