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She Rides Ontario!

by Liz Jansen  The material on this page was included in She Rides Ontario, presented at the Toronto Motorcycle Show She Rides Evening. It highlights Ontario’s riding opportunities, resources for route planning, maps, and touring ideas, and events for women riders.

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Motorcycle News You Can Use: Nov. 13-20

by Liz Jansen   Riding season is drawing to a close or significantly curtailed for many of us. That’s a sign to start planning for next season. I thought I’d help by sharing favorite posts that have crossed my desk recently. I’m

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Learning to Fly

by Liz Jansen Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s Learning to Fly (lyrics and video below) picks up with me on my motorcycle, heading down an Alberta back road last year, starting out for ‘God knows where’. I think of my hospital

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10 Reasons to Ride Manitoulin Island

by Liz Jansen Legend has it that when the Creator made Manitoulin Island it was so beautiful, He called it home. First Nations peoples have lived and traveled through here for thousands of years. It’s such a special land, in

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The Power of Community

by Liz Jansen Motorcyclists are never amongst strangers when we’re with other riders. Yet above and beyond this common bond, a strong community forms when adventurers and travelers gather, virtually or in person. This strength and power of community offers camaraderie and

5 Blogs with Cross Country Travel Tips

by Liz Jansen With the arrival of spring comes thoughts of riding—lots of riding. Many Canadian and American motorcyclists dream of riding right across their country. Even if you live in warmer climates, it’s usually not feasible,  practical, or safe to

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9 Ways to Enjoy Cold Weather Travel

by Liz Jansen In my neck of the woods, late season travel invariably means cold weather travel, and it can be just as enjoyable as riding at any other time.  A new annual tradition started in 2009. Friends, more like

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10 Reasons Solo Motorcycle Travel is Dangerous

by Liz Jansen Solo motorcycle travel is dangerous. It changes the way you look at yourself and the world. It makes you want to travel more, to get out and experience more adventure. It tempts you to re-examine how you’re

On the Road – Tahoe to Idaho

First published August 30, 2013. Still makes me smile! How do you beat a ride like this?  It’s typical of what I encountered yesterday in Idaho – amazing scenery that goes on and on, excellent roads and very little traffic.

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On the Road – Idaho to Montana

by Liz Jansen First published August 9, 2013, it was still early in a 6-week trip through the northwestern states. In this leg, I was riding through Idaho, through Yellowstone to Cody. From there, I rode Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

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