9 Tips to Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Although an engine’s size, design and use all factor in to its energy efficiency, there are many other choices a rider makes which can influence that significantly. While some are obvious, others are more subtle usurpers of precious energy.


energy-efficiencyHere again, motorcycles are excellent teachers. Choices you make can conserve your energy and extend your range, making you even more effective while doing so.


9 tips to increase your energy efficiency


  1. Slow down. Reducing your speed can increase fuel efficiency dramatically. Work, family and community responsibilities can overwhelm and sap your energy. There is no need to rush through life. We all get to the end. Slow down, conserve your energy and prolong your range.


  1. Check your air filter. Your bike needs the right amount of air for the best engine performance. A clogged filter means air can’t get through. If you’re not getting what you need to run well – i.e. rest, exercise and nourishment for body, mind and spirit – your performance will suffer too.


  1. Use the right oil. Keep it clean with regular filter and oil changes. As an essential lubricant, oil creates harmony amongst the myriad of moving parts in your engine. The alternative is dissonance. Take care of your self with the nutrients that are right for you. Too much can be as harmful as too little.


  1. Check your tire pressure. Tires lose air with time and temperature. Checking them regularly allows you to top them up, avoiding issues with traction, stability and handling. Setting aside time for your self gives you the time for reflection, review and re-energization.


  1. Keep up with routine maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re caring for self or caring for your bike. Either one requires proactive and preventative care to keep it running well and notice problems before they slow you down.


  1. Steady on the throttle. A consistent speed most of the time is more energy-efficient for your bike and you. In both cases, it keeps you on an even keel and reduces energy drains from bursts of activity.


  1. Lighten your load. Carry only what you need and take only limited weight from others. Set healthy boundaries and learn to say no. If you’re burdened down, you’re of little service to yourself or others.


  1. Choose the right gear. Each gear has a range of optimization, which varies by engine. Operating within that range gives you the greatest fuel efficiency and power. For maximum efficiency, choose the right gear and match the power band with your speed. In life, use your power wisely by making choices that support your situation.


  1. Choose accessories with care. In addition to reducing visibility, they can cause drag and reduce your mileage. Simplify. And when you do need to add convenience, consider all the implications of your purchase. Choose the one that will give you the best performance overall.


Use your energy wisely. There is only so much one person can do. If you use it up on sprinting, you won’t have it for the long haul.


photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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