14 Motorcyclists Tell How Group Riding Rules are Set

While riding is lots of fun, when choosing riding groups, safety must be the #1 priority.


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We asked riders, in the groups you ride with, is there a set protocol? Who sets the rules and who enforces them?


Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans responded.



14 motorcyclists tell how group riding rules are set


  1. Kevin G.  Very few rules but we all know and greatly respect each other. A “tailgate” meeting at the beginning setting out the route and a few agreed upon stops is good enough. Usually rotate the lead dog position. And the friend with the loud pipes……rides at the back!


  1. Linda Y.  Obviously you don’t know Diane!!. She’s the leader, I follow.


  1. Charles W.  Safety first


  1. Donna R.  There are usually a set of rules…but unfortunately a lot of clubs don’t practice what they print.


  1. Julie Z.  The road captain. BTW when I ride with others, I am ALWAYS the road captain. Unless it is a dirt day, then I am the dirt captain. That’s just the way it is.


  1. Marc O.  Standard rules, enforced by Road Captains, Road Captains do the new rider training as well


  1. Bob E.  I gave up membership in one group who’s President liked to ride in the rear and give last second CB directions to the Road Captain in the lead. He would watch a bloody GPS instead of sticking to the agreed upon route. After too many missed turns and close calls, I looked for others to ride with!!


  1. Don S.  I truly enjoy riding on my own group rides can be great but find that they can be just what biking is not about


  1. Nancy T.  The road captains and many of the bikes have a CB we also communicate through channel 7


  1. Nancy T.  If you’re riding with a chapter there will be road captains. Ride staggered, stay in your position, the person behind you should be visible in your rearview mirror, the people in front use hand signals and the people riding should pass them back.


  1. Rick E. Every chapter ride has 2 road captains, they set and enforce the riding rules for that ride.  All our road captain across Canada use the same protocol since other members from one province can visit another and still be on the same page.


  1. Chance G.  If your new, stay away from me. That’s my policy in a group.


  1. Rick E.  Well you were new once, or don’t you remember?


  1. Chance G.  Of course I do. I would have said the same thing to me that’s for sure.


What about the groups you ride with? How is order set and maintained?




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