14 Riders on Health and Safety Supplies to Pack

The independent, adventuresome nature of motorcycle travel makes it advisable to be prepared for many possibilities – including illness or injury. We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What health and safety supplies do you carry? (This could include food)?”


14 Riders Health and Safety Supplies to Pack

health and safety supplies

  1. Linda Y. We carry a compact first add kit. Always wear my high vis vest. Health cards and contact info. Always wear riding jacket and pants no matter how hot it is. I have added a light bar to the back of the bike.


  1. Mark K.  Always carry extra water, well stocked first aid kit and my on major treks my wife the RN.


  1. Ursula B.  hard candy and 2 aspirin .


  1. Michele C.  black electrical tape.


  1. Gene B.  Wrap around Ankle Hi Viz cuffs ! A 2 aa maglite with 2 spare batteries,Nite gloves with hi viz stripes ,and a Lime green Hi viz Construction Rain jacket !


  1. Rick W. First aid kit AND training, cell phone, water, snacks, my wife carries her epipen


  1. Paul B.  and a flash light


  1. Paul B. extra water some first aid supplies and extra clothes


  1. Cory D.  Water and fresh fruit – nothing too exciting.


  1. Paul B.  Wallet with bank card for fuel, and I.D…just in case somebody needs to know who I am and change for a coffee… always change for a coffee.. that’s key!


  1. Brenda B. Wear riding jacket and pants or chaps, first aid kit, high visibility t-shirt (fits over jacket), full face helmet and wallet.


  1. Janice M.  First aid kit, syphon, air compressor that plugs into my battery tender lead, cell phone, GPS, tool kit, fuses, spare bolts and nuts, safety vest, and a personal locator beacon for the remote spots, bottled water and snacks.


  1. James M.  Bottled water, energy bars and a small first-aid kit


  1. Tom M.  Basic first aid kit, sun block, lip balm, Imodium.


What can you add?






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