17 Riders Talk About Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves

With the winter most of us have had, we’ll be anxious to get out riding as soon as possible. Even though the temperatures are warming though, it can still get chilly. We asked our Motorcycle Mojo fans, “How do you keep your hands warm in cold weather riding?  Heated gloves? Heated grip?  Lots of layers?  What about feet – how do you keep them warm?”

heated grips17 Riders Talk About Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves


  1. Jeff D.  Heated gloves. Best. Thing. Ever.


  1. Mark F.  used to be two pairs of gloves – then I installed oxford heaterz. Awesome.


  1. Catharine SD. For gloves the heated Powerlet liners hands down. Gloves would be the new line up of Held gortex, the. 2 tere system


  1. Garth W.  Heated grips and have a 3 digit over glove for cold or wet. Good down to zero C . Also my modified bark busters break wind nicely


  1. Liz J. Agree with you on the bark busters Garth. This is the first bike I’ve had them on and what a difference they make.


  1. Tim M.  The Buell has heated grips but change glove style as temp changes


  1. Brenda B. Heated grips.


  1. Lindsay T. Heated Grips, bar protectors, gloves and staying home in the cold watching TV.


  1. Liz J.  Right! I haven’t found that heated grips are nearly as effective as heated gloves.


  1. Lindsay T.  I had never tried either until I bought a used KLR650 with heated grips. Now I want them on every bike.


  1. Jeff P.  Heated grips on both my rides, Barkbusters on the VStrom and fairing on the Harley.


  1. Henri D.  Depends on the temperature! Layers for the body, my warmest gloves, Hotpaws socks…& Timmies breaks!


  1. Keith O.  I had heated grips installed at the beginning of last season. Best thing i ever did.


  1. Bob E.  I’ve ditched the heated grips for heated glove liners. The liners give heat all around, in between fingers, etc and can be moved from bike to bike with a screwdriver and 5 minutes to relocate the power wires. Bought a set for my bride and she’ll ride her Softail right into the first snowfall.


  1. Benson K. I’ve got big rubber gloves from Home Depot. They’re water proof, fuzzy inside, and i can fit a thin cloth pair inside of them. It keeps me good and warm at -4 C


  1. Suhaymath N.  So far, all my riding days were spent in Florida, so I didn’t really have this issue! I imagine myself using heated liners, though.


  1. John T.  common sense prevails in the cold, have the proper attire and you don’t have to worry

How do you stay warm?





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2 Comments on “17 Riders Talk About Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves

  1. I always thought heated grips and gloves and were for sissies; for people who just couldn’t hack riding in the cold. Every spring and fall I find myself riding in the cold and wishing to God I had heated grips. Heated anything for that matter. Just bought a 1987 BMW K100 with heated grips. Can’t wait to try them out.

    • Are you calling me a sissy, Melanie??? 🙂

      You’ll be a convert. Heated grips aren’t a big draw for me. But heated gloves?? Ahhhhhhh.. When you think about it, our bodies are physiologically built to withstand only so much cold. Riding season can extend way beyond that. Heated gear is an effective solution!

      I’m looking forward to hearing how you like them!


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