8 Riders Share Lessons Learned in the Summer of 2013

There are bound to be lessons – technical, mental and spiritual – when one rides a motorcycle.  The more you ride, the greater the number of lessons.  These Motorcycle Mojo Magazine fans shared lessons learned in the Summer of 2013.


lessons-learned8 Riders Share Lessons Learned in the Summer of 2013


  1. Liz J.  I learned a valuable life lesson on the power of fear and community. I talked about it in this article.


  1. Jeff D.  I discovered how much more I like an adventure touring bike (over a cruiser) for long trips. I now have a Honda NC700 and I love it!


  1. Todd M.  Ride your own ride


  1. Mike P. One interesting lesson I learned at the BMW GS Challenge at Clintons was how impressive some guys could ride the big GS’s on challenging single track trails. It was my job to follow the guys one by one and grade them on stalls/falls. I would have NEVER guessed guys on those bikes could be so nimble–I want one now


  1. Bob C.  Gas, food and lodging is cheaper in the U.S.A.!!! I knew that already, but over a long trip, it really adds up.


  1. Noel H.  Riding into the ditch whilst adjusting your odometer/clock is a really stupid thing to do.


  1. George A. Gas gauges should be monitored. Flashing empty=not good!


  1. Kevin D.  Never judge the ability of a driver by the license plate on the car.


What lessons – life or otherwise – did riding your motorcycle teach you this summer?






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