Celebrate Make a Difference Day 2012

Tomorrow is the 22nd annual Make a Difference Day 2012 – a day of doing good and recognizing the good deeds of others.

Make a Difference Day 2012

Make a Difference Day 2012While your random acts of kindness make a difference each day, this US based initiative encourages communities, colleges and corporations to get involved in a project that benefits your community and spreads positive change.

Your kindness doesn’t need to be grandiose. The site lists ideas such as baking cookies and taking them to the volunteer firehouse, drive an elderly person to their doctor’s appointment, plant a tree, offer to babysit at a women’s shelter.

Visit www.makeadifferenceday to get ideas.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Your kindness can change a life. It can change the world.


What will you do?


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2 Comments on “Celebrate Make a Difference Day 2012

  1. Although this doesn’t sound like much, I am going to be extra courteous in traffic. By doing so, I help calm the stress on the highway. Allowing someone to enter from a ramp or side street instead of blocking them, restores hopefulness that the world is a kind place.

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