7 Messages from Mirrors

Motorcycle mirrors play a key role in keeping you safe on the road. Lens shape, cleanliness, fog and raindrops act as filters and distort or obscure the image coming back at you.

messages-from-mirrorsIn life, people act as your mirrors. They come into your life to further your personal growth and keep you safe on your Road. When you look at others, you see what exists in yourself.

7 messages from mirrors


  1. Maintain perspective. A motorcycle has two mirrors to capture images from both sides. Both are necessary to get enough information on which to make a decision You need to view things from more than one perspective to get the most accurate picture. Although reality is always changing, you make the best decisions when you can get as many facts as practically possibly.  7 lessons from mirrors when reflecting on your past


  1. Listen to your reflection. People are your mirrors in life. They come into your life as a teacher to further your personal growth and keep you safe on your Road. When you look at others you see what exists in yourself. Listen to what they’re telling you.   9 ways to benefit from your reflection


  1. Keep your lens clear. If you’ve just been through a storm or construction, your mirror will be spotted and dirty. The same is true in life. Everything can look dark and distorted. Take the time to stop and clear your reflection so you see things as they really are.  9 things that distort your perception


  1. Evaluate inputs. It’s not necessary to take not e of everything you see in your mirror. You want bit picture data rather than unnecessary details. Focus on details while you’re riding and you’re likely to crash. Focusing on them in life can get you feeling overwhelmed very quickly. 9 lessons on perspective from motorcycle mirrors


  1. Focus on the essentials. To be of value, mirrors have to be focused on what truly matters. And of course, you need to be looking at them. 9 important things to focus on


  1. Get features that count. Whether it’s perspective, style or versatility, you want to choose a mirror that’s going to give you a valid reflection; one you can use to base decisions that will affect your life. 9 features to look for in a mirror 


  1. Learn your lessons. The reflections you see in others are qualities that exist within you. Qualities you like are your strengths; those you dislike are areas to work on. In the end, the message you get back from your mirrors is valid, useful information for you to use as you choose. 9 lessons from reflections 


Ultimately, the decision on where to focus either your mirrors or eyes, and consequently their usefulness, is up to you. As it is on your motorcycle, so it is in life. Focusing on what matters helps keep you on the road, safe and enjoying the ride.




photo credit: greenkozi via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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