15 Riders Talk About Motorcycle Boots

As a rider, you know the importance of good gear that works and is comfortable. We asked the fans of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What is your favourite moto boot? Why? How do you choose motorcycle boots?”

motorcycle-boots15 Riders Talk About  Motorcycle Boots

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  1. Jenn M. My GBX 4 buckle boot hands down!!! But I can’t find them anymore


  1. Mark F. I’ve had a pair of Alpinestars SMX for years, and I love them – but they’re not waterproof. November of 2012 I got ICON patrol boots – they’re warm and waterproof so now I wear them on all but the hottest days.


  1. Ursula B.  1. Leather 2. good tread 3. Has to look pretty!  cause that’s the way I roll !


  1. Jeff D. I bought a pair of S.W.A.T. boots at the bike show in Toronto a couple of years ago. They are great.


  1. Catharine SD I really enjoyed my TCX infinity Gortex, but next pair will be Sidi Adventure Gore , simply for the sole and extra protection .


  1. Benson K.  Army boots! They never wear out!


  1. John A. Don’t have a favorite but one capable of keeping the rain out is key. One boot all occasions


  1. Dianne C. HD Gortex. Have worn mine for years – good tread – no issues with wet feet and comfortable. Only issue is price – need a new pair and don’t want to dish out the money.


  1. Henri D. My favorite boots are my Ariat ropers. They fit my foot, support my ankles, & they’re so well broken in I can hike to any viewpoint.


  1. Bob E. I like the “Army Boot” length but only in Gortex. Army has some of those but mine have the ‘Bar and Shield’ on the sole. Say what you will about Harleys, they sure make quality kit such as jeans, boots, gloves and raingear (and yes, I’ve been a Kawi and Yamaha owner much longer than I’ve been with Harley).


  1. Lindsay T. Either pair of my Alpinestars, road race or motocross.


  1. Garth W. Just use a bates gortex tactical boot. Still looking for a decent comfortable dry boot that gives good protection and is sold for under $200. Ya I know dreams on


  1. Suhaymath N.I’ve also had both a dry weather boot and a rain boot at my disposal. With the former, I’ll go for something that is over the ankle, but not taller than a standard hiking boot. Taller rain boots work well for me. I also like boots with shift pads and some sort of impact protection. I kind of like Sidi’s range of boots, though I’ve never owned a pair.


  1. Tim M. For street I wear fox half motocross boot. I’ve wore motocross boots so long these are just a natural feel and are quite comfortable


  1. Bruce P. Altberg, http://www.altberg.co.uk/category/motorcycle-boots/…, I like the Hogg dual use. Gortex lined so keep feet dry. I’ve ridden Down The Word and Round The World in a pair. Comfy to walk in, and hike, in all weathers. Currently wearing them while on a non-bike trip to Chile. If I don’t get 30,000 miles from a pair I am upset


How do you best protect your feet?





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