23 Riders on Motorcycle Group Trips

Group touring can have its perks. It also comes with challenges. We talked about it during a recent Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook  chat.


motorcycle group tripsIf you travel with others, how do you manage different interests and riding preferences?


Here’s how these, responded.


23 riders on motorcycle group trips


  1. Paddy T.  Don’t think for a minute that your best friend will automatically be someone you can travel with!


  1. Shorty J. You usually know what your friends like before you go on vacation with them !!!!


  1. Vitor F.  you need to decide all that BEFORE going on a ride with others


  1. Karen G.  I will be travelling with a friend, another lady rider, from Winnipeg to Tennessee in about 3 weeks…..I’ll have to let you know then! Til now, I have done all my travelling alone, as I love the freedom and solitude.


  1. Vitor F.  Yup that’s how I am….. in fact this Sunday we going again to Niagara Falls and we are going to stop in a few places we didn’t stop 2 weeks ago, was cold and people wanted to just ride and go home  this time we will stop and take pictures.


  1. Tim D. Unless the others realize we aren’t all tied to the same schedule, I prefer traveling solo or with my wife


  1. John T.  I simply try to ride with friends with similar interests, but always with the rule, that if you see something and you really want to stop to see it, we will all stop and enjoy it, as the next stop may be mine


  1. Malcolm K. The group rides I enjoy most are with the same two guys I have been riding with for about 35 years. Our riding styles are very similar, as is our reason for riding; searching out great bike roads. From time to time we have added a single rider to our core group of three and they have always come back asking when we are planning to go for another ride.


  1. Donna R. You need to make sure ahead of time you are on the same wave length.


  1. Jeffrey McC.  For years I wanted a group to ride with. So I started a group. Too fast for some, too slow for others, To far or not far enough. After about 6 months of monthly rides I stopped, Now only with maybe on other on occasions


  1. Noel H.  Best thing there is just to have it mostly worked out before you leave. You always have to be prepared to change plans though. I have found the best laid travel plans are always valid right up until the first fork in the road.


  1. Tom M.  We ride 2-up on a single bike and end up at a HOG rally. Best of both worlds.


  1. Matthew I.  Clear communication about trip expectations before the trip starts!


  1. Tony M. I’m willing to stop and enjoy whatever they find really interesting !!


  1. Bob E.  I’ve ridden across Canada twice on organized rides (www.mpnmrr.ca) where you know where the stops will be before setting out. On shorter, but multi-day, trips we do some planning ahead of time. If I really want to be spontaneous, my wife and I set out on our bikes and enjoy exploring.


  1. T. Bert R.  When I travel with others – we all are of similar intent – it is the ride not the destination.


  1. Life is a journey.  Could not have said that better


  1. Mike P.  When I’m in a group, there is always “that guy” who has to lead. I like that…all I have to do is make sure I have enough gas


  1. Life is a journey.  And, when one takes in gas, all gas up. It is not fun when members in group need gas at different times.


  1. Mark-John H,  My wife and I like the option to stop and go whenever we want to.I haven’t ridden with others on a long trip, for this reason. I’ve driven from point A to point B for a fund raiser etc but not on holiday.


  1. John N.  Nice trade in.


  1. Dora D. Let me preface by saying everyone i have ridden with a great riders. It takes time and miles riders with the same riding style. Luckily I have found some I ride with and those I simply because I can not.


  1. Mark-John H.  If I didn’t have my wife with me – just a group of guys – I’d be very flexible with the ride. Just don’t want to push the wife and want her to have the freedom to stop when she wants/needs to.




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