36 Riders on Riding Away from Home

Getting out on the open road is what motorcycle riding is all about!



In a recent online chat, I asked riders, “What’s the furthest from home you’ve travelled by motorcycle? What was the occasion? Were you solo, with a few others or a larger group?”


Here’s what these Motorcycle Mojo fans had to say.


 36 Riders on Riding Away from Home


  1. Mark K.  Either up to Alaska last year or my trip down to Death Valley this year, that one was 5400 km round trip!


  1. Kevin G.  Throughout New York State and Vermont on a solo trip to Americade and then just touring around.


  1. Bob E.  Thanks Liz. This year is our 5th Anniversary. Nothing better than riding through a beautiful country and raising funds for children


  1. Joseph M.  I surprised my wife one Friday a couple of years ago, asked her to prepare for a motorcycle getaway and rode from Toronto to St. Pete’s, Florida. It was a spontaneous escape for both of us at the end of a hectic week. Made me appreciate the absolute value of my Ultra Classic…wonderful set of wheels!


  1. Noel H.  I went to El Paso Texas by a rather circular route which involved some nice twisty roads through the south west. I did that by myself, then rode from there to Nelson BC participating in the Three Flags Classic Rally. The Devil’s highway, (US 191), in Arizona was a highlight.


  1. Juan W.  Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara Mx. It was 2 of us. Bro ‘n I. And it was truly unforgettable!


  1. Tom M.  Either Nova Scotia or the Tail of the Dragon – with the love of my life.


  1. Manda G.  In 1990 we bought a brand new FXST. Many years and many miles were put on that bike. A few favs rides … ? (they all are !) : In ’07 we went on a 25 day trip from our starting point at home in Ontario to BC and then into Washington State past Mt St. Helen’s, Mt Rainier, Yellowstone Park etc and home. A couple of other fav trips were to Grand Canyon/Vegas and of course, a ride to New Orleans  Three years ago, to Key West. We’ve done 46 states now on the Harley and all but Nfld and Alaska/Yukon for Canada touring  We finally sold our ‘baby’ and got a new ’12 Road King last year to take us on many more rides. With last year’s purchase we opened the 2012 season brand new and closed it with almost 22,000 km.)  Considering we both work and it isn’t transportation for going to work, that’s not bad for holidays


  1. Lindsay T.  14000km trip up from Belleville Ontario through the prairies to Yellowknife and back. Two of us on KLR650’s.


  1. Patricia N.  in 2004 my husband and I rode from Niagara Region in Ontario to Vancouver Island, then took the ferry to Washington State and down the Pacific Coast Highway down to San Diego and then back through Vegas and Utah and across the States back through to Niagara Falls. Total 14,852 kms in 5 weeks. I was on a Yamaha 650 and my hubby had a Venture. We both have Stratoliner Deluxe (1900) now. Great bike for any distance.


  1. Earl A.  I rode across Canada, Victoria to Halifax. An excellent experience. I did it alone. I talked to a lot of truckers and they had great stories to share. My longest day was 14 hrs on the bike. God, I love riding!!


  1. Jennifer P.  A few years ago we rode down to Moab, Utah for some amazing desert riding. Soon to be trumped by our semi-RTW, departing this Fall.


  1. Karen G.  Winnipeg MB to Tennessee and North Carolina with one other rider…another lady rider and myself. We planned this for a few months over the winter, as we both wanted to go to the Smoky Mountains and the Tail of the Dragon.  I should mention it was a 7300 km trip, in 13 days, and it just took place during the last 2 weeks in May, so it’s still very fresh in my mind!


  1. Bob E.  Love the Dragon. It’s almost as much fun as the Cabot Trail (but I’m a little biased as a Maritimer). Sea to Sky in BC isn’t bad either.


  1. Kirk M.  I live in Texas and have ridden to 46 of the lower 48 states all on a motorcycle. Most of those I have ridden to 3 to 4 times. I have never been on vacation in a car my entire adult life (53 y.o.) The remaining 2 of the lower 48 being the Dakota’s which I plan on knocking out in the next 2 years. After I retire it’s off to Alaska and I have been invited to come ride in Hawai by a friend who has buco a bikes in Maui so I should be able to hit all 50. Always solo except for a few years ago when I hooked up and rode with my child hood friend and his pops with their cousins from Maui from Oregon to California!


  1. Christine M.  Yarmouth, NS! With friends.


  1. Linda G.  Tennessee.. With hubby and friends… Just becuz we could


  1. Rick W.  Last summer my wife, Sandy, and I rode from Beiseker, AB to Deals Gap, TN to ride the Tail of the Dragon. We travelled 13,000 km through 13 states in 33 days. (and only rode in rain twice!)


  1. Jean O.  Headed to Santa Barbara, California with 3 girls in August. Yup – yip!


  1. Brad S.  Seward Alaska from Hamilton Ontario – solo… in 2009


  1. Suhaymath N.  I rode my Kawasaki EX500 from Daytona Beach, Florida to Columbus, Ohio and back in the early 2000s just for a vacation and to attend a friend’s wedding. While clearly not up to the ergonomic standards of dedicated touring bikes (or even sport-touring bikes), the EX500 proved to be very capable. It wasn’t a record-breaking journey, but I enjoyed it. I carved the mountains in the northern part of Georgia with some friends, performed a sprocket change, shared lunch with an older and more experienced rider who was a complete stranger out of sheer camaraderie and was involved in a mishap with a toll booth gate that is probably best not described in a public forum!


  1. David S.  Toronto to Newfoundland 8000km round trip with a few friends. We met up with a guy who puts on 50 000km per summer. He has us all beat.


  1. Donna G.  port perry years ago


  1. James M.  I traveled from Oshawa Ont to N S for 2 family reunions with my brother. Inbetween reunions we rode the Cabottrail again.


  1. Dave L.  8-day solo tour to the Tail of the Dragon and parts beyond Aug 2012, approx 5250km total.


  1. Fred B.  it wasn’t the furthest ride but it created awesome memories. my wife and i on my vtx and the son on his 650 vstar. we rode from Vancouver, BC to Mt St. Helens, Wa, to Yakima, Leavenworth, Osoyoos, BC and back to Vancouver. 1600 km and he only had his learners license.


  1. Cristi F.  Bought a bike in Ecuador, rode a lap around South America, sold the bike in Ecuador. Mostly solo except parts of Brazil, and Venezuela. About to ride first time ever across the US though. Looking forward to checking out the backyard. [Liz’s Note: Here’s a link to Cristi’s blog http://amotorcyclist.blogspot.ca. Check it out – she’s a veteran adventurer!]


  1. Lou De A. Just a bit over 1,200 kms – Maggie Valley, NC to St Thomas, ON. By myself, on the way home from a week in the Smokies with some friends from the Wilmington, DE area


  1. Bob E.  To Vancouver Island from St John’s NL. Small group of riders in a fundraiser for charity


  1. Tanya M. From Nova Scotia to Ontario & home through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick & back to Nova Scotia. 3,500 kms in 7 days. My hubby & I just did this less than 2 weeks ago.


  1. Roger C.  Tail of the Dragon… Guys week (5 of us). 3 days to get there, 1 full week of riding in the area, 3 1/2 days to get back home. Best trip I’ve ever had!


  1. Marc O.  Washington DC for Rolling Thunder, rode solo down and back


  1. Bruce P.  Probably Southern Patagonia with my wife. Or currently Russia with my mate. 2/3rds of the way around now ….


  1. Robert W.  Prince Edward County ??…Lorraine


  1. Jeffrey M.  Did cost to coast many times, even on a 49cc bike. Now half way around the world and loving it.


  1. Roni C.  I am on a journey now… It’s going to take me to Earp California … I live in Northern ON… The estimate was 18,756km for the trip. Things have been added… It’s a solo journey and this will be my biggest yet.


Where do you live and where’s the furthest from home you’ve traveled?





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  1. In 2003 I lived in northern Norway and took my bike on a ship and put myself on a plane and rode from Halifax to Key West and back, via the 100. Anniversary of Harley Davidson. Overr 17000 km on a 1993 Harley Sportster Hugger. Only one mechanical problem with the forks, 8 weeks of pure fun. And then I camped in Milwaukee aside of this crazy group of Canadians and Americans – and now living in Ontario with one of those crazy Canucks since 2004. That’s a ride, haha!!!! I had the time of my life and would love to go out west now – it is starting twisting in my right hand as I write…!

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