13 Places that are Out for Motorcycle Travel

Yesterday riders talked about where in the world they dreamed of traveling. Today, they tell us where they would NOT want to travel?


Here’s what’s at the bottom of the list for these Motorcycle Mojo fans.


motorcycle-travel13 places that are out for motorcycle travel


  1. Mark K.  I am not a fan of sand…


  1. Bridget G.  Libya’s out for now.


  1. Noel H.  Any city. I avoid them like the plague. If it is worth dealing with a city for some reason I will park the bike and use transit. I’m not big on interstate highways either. They have their uses but I try and avoid the situations that make them useful. They are handy for avoiding cities though.If you want to park your bike someplace so you can go somewhere you don’t want to ride, in the United States anyway, small rural police department parking lots are more than accommodating. The man is usually more than happy to oblige and is most often quite friendly.


  1. Tom M.  Mexico. Too many Canadians winding up dead.


  1. Bruce P.  North Dakota … it’s BORING !!!!  I like “big sky” and have ridden the west of Argentine (ruta 3), that was wayyy more interesting than ND


  1. Lindsay T.  Antarctica. Kinda cold


  1. Earl K.  The above picture looks like a perfect place!


  1. Brad S.  Rome Italy….. I would not fit in to that kind of traffic pattern. I do think they are very good drivers…. but wouldn’t trust myself in that type of mass traffic


  1. Cristi F.  At the moment, India. I did it backpacking in 2006-2007, and would’ve recommended against solo females back then. Now is a totally different story even on a motorcycle.


  1. Daniel R. The Dominican. Lord save me – the bike couldn’t be far enough away!


  1. Karen G. HAHA…on the road in that picture, cuz my roadside assistance people would never find me!


  1. Michael T. Canadian Arctic, No roads and muskeg.


  1. Bob E. anywhere that the temperature is 35 degrees C and above. I dehydrate far too quickly when the temps are that high regularly.




What is at the bottom of your list for motorcycle travel?



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