Premium or Regular? 10 Fuels to Power You

by Liz Jansen

About this time of year, many of us need an extra shot of energy, especially if we’re not riding our motorcycles. Here’s a reminder of the kinds of things that fuel us and will give us that boost, any time of year.

From Life Lessons from Motorcycles; 75 Tips for Generating Epic Energy.

premium or regularYour owner’s manual will tell you what type of fuel your bike requires. Feeding it the wrong grade will make your engine less powerful and less efficient, cause premature engine wear, and possibly damage it over time.

While sometimes it feels like it would be easier if human beings came with an owner’s manual, how boring would that be? It’s much more interesting to figure it out on our own. These grades of fuel are good for everyone.

  1. Love. Begin by loving yourself and who you are. This is selfless rather than selfish. Until you realize your worth, you cannot appreciate the worth of others or serve your purpose.
  2. Relationships. Nurtured relationships grow through the good times and the challenging ones—when others are there for support. Wisely choose those you allow into your life, from a place of deep inner strength rather than a fear of being alone.
  3. Positivity. Welcome positive experiences and people into your life. Hard times and mistakes—a.k.a. lessons—will still happen, but look at what you can learn and how you can make a difference. Ignore others who judge you and offer negative commentary. You can’t control what they say, but you can control what you put in the gas tank.
  4. Active listening. Listen to your inner voice, and you’ll do what’s right for YOU. This is your Road. Others will try to convince you to choose or act differently, but they’re doing so through their own filters. Remember that you alone are in control.
  5. Gratitude. Appreciate the wonderful people and experiences in your life, and you’ll find they’ll increase in number and frequency. Be grateful for those who love and care for you. Give thanks for the things others do for you as they do them, rather than noticing the void once they’re no longer with you.
  6. Authenticity. This world wants to make you look and act like everyone else. Rather than trying to force yourself into a role that doesn’t fit, shun conformity and show who you are. It takes courage, and you’re worth it! You were given a particular set of skills and attributes with which to fulfill your unique role. No one else can do it.
  7. Joie de vivre. Love life and all that’s in it. Be amazed with seemingly small things, like sunsets, time with friends and family, and the miraculous beauty of nature. The best things in life are free.
  8. Resilience. Embrace change. It’s one of the few constants in life. Although life doesn’t always unfold as you imagine, Spirit wants you to be successful and provides the resources you need to do so. Live in the present moment, and watch for the gifts as well as the challenges. You’ll look back and wonder what all the angst was about.
  9. Fun. The child inside you never goes away, even though you have an adult body and adult responsibilities. He or she needs to play, laugh, and have adventures. Make sure your life is not so filled with work and other responsibilities that you don’t have time for play.
  10. Trust. Resisting change, such as that which happens when fear tries to contain your spirit’s calling, usurps your energy. Trust that Spirit is guiding you no matter what the situation, and, instead of using your energy for resistance, use it to move forward.

LL_EnergyWatch what you put in the gas tank. Keep it topped up with the right fuel, and you’ll notice an increase in power, confidence, and efficiency in getting down the Road to your destination.

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photo credit: Antonio_Trogu via photopin cc

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Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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