9 Lessons from Reflections

Everyone is your mirror. The reflections you see in others are qualities that exist within you. Just as the mirrors on your motorcycle provide a different snapshot with each glance, so too do different people reflect different aspects of your character, always with impeccable timing.


mirror-reflectionsQualities you like are your strengths; those you dislike are areas to work on. In the end, the message you get back from your mirrors is valid, useful information for you to use as you choose. Just remember it’s dynamic and only one piece of a larger puzzle, reflecting a particular moment in time.


9 lessons from reflections


  1. Glances count. A quick glance in the mirror every 5 to 8 seconds tells you a lot about what’s going on around you. In life, these glances represent people whose paths cross tangentially with yours. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, even if briefly. Look for the similar attributes in the people around you to see the lesson.


  1. Watch for patterns. It’s common to watch people repeatedly attract the same type of person and enter into yet another doomed relationship. Those partners are reflecting areas of self-improvement in you. Learn the lesson to break the pattern.


  1. Accept shortcomings. The character flaws you dislike in others are present to some degree in you, but they’re easier to see in others. As uncomfortable and unbelievable as this may seem, accept it for what it is, without blame or judgment. Only then will your reflection change.


  1. Objects are larger than they appear. Sometimes the message has to be exaggerated for you to get the message. Observing gross faults in others may be necessary for you to see a similar behavior in yourself. It doesn’t serve you well and is presented as larger than life to catch your attention.


  1. Recognize emotions. Often viewed as unacceptable, negative emotions get repressed.  Ultimately this destructive behavior leads to health issues, even if you don’t recognize the repression. Seeing them displayed in others is a reminder to look within for healing and strength.


  1. Snapshots are pieces of a puzzle. It would foolhardy to dwell on mirrors as you’re riding, just as it’s unwise to focus too much attention on the reflection from others. As vital as mirrors in keep you safe, most of your time is spent looking ahead and following your own inner guidance.


  1. Relativity. The people who get the greatest reaction from you are generally your greatest teachers. If the situation weren’t so sensitive, why else would they elicit such a strong response?


  1. Reflections change. Every time you look in your motorcycle mirror, the reflection is different. Along with those around you, you’re moving in time and space. People come and go from your life. As you learn your lessons and take on new ones, you attract new mirror images, and with them, new lessons.


  1. You too are a mirror. Just as others prompt reactions from you by reflecting your strengths and flaws, so too do you reciprocate. Try changing your response and observe the difference in makes in them.


Accept what you see in the mirror and use the opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. If you’re not happy with your reflection, take positive action and watch the reflection change.

photo credit: mallix via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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