9 Ways Everyone is a Solo Traveler

Whatever the form of travel, many people become anxious at the thought of extended time alone.  As much as many people claim they could never travel solo, the reality is we’re all here on a solo trip.


 solo-traveler9 Ways Everyone is a Solo Traveler


  1. You arrive on your own schedule. Whether or not you believe you’ve chosen the time and circumstances of your arrival , the fact remains that everyone comes into the world alone. The solo journey begins long before a road trip is ever in the picture.


  1. You create your own journey. You can follow the same map as another person but have an entirely different experience. You come into this world with a unique set of gifts, attributes and skills. You see things differently than anyone else and consequently, your experience is very different.


  1. You are the only one responsible for the choices you make. The only one who controls a motorcycle is the rider. That’s why it’s so important to practice and develop the muscle memory you’ll need to respond appropriately when the unexpected happens. It’s the same idea in life. Continuous learning and developing your skills prepares you for the wwhat live delivers.


  1. You decide who joins you for all or part of your journey. While traveling solo by motorcycle, it’s not unusual for someone to ask to join you for part or all of your trip. Likewise with the relationships you have in life. In both cases, you decide who you’ll spend your time with, in everything from close personal relationships to the casual encounters with strangers.


  1. You create the terms for your journey. On a road trip, you choose what to take, where to stay and whose advice to take. In life, you decide what joys or burdens to carry, who to share them with and which direction you’ll take.


  1. You alone have to deal with what your road brings. Whether it’s mountains, valley or construction you’re at the helm. Like traveling by motorcycle, it’s best not to put yourself in situations that are beyond your skill level.


  1. You need to go, regardless of the weather. Much of what happens in life is outside of your control, but sometimes you just need to go. In that case, don the appropriate gear, trust your abilities and head out. No storm lasts forever.


  1. The rewards are yours to enjoy. There’s a special feeling that comes with a sense of accomplishment when you’ve done something on your own. No one else can claim it, nor feel the confidence, joy and fulfillment that accompanies it.


  1. You depart alone. When it’s time to go, you leave alone. Just as you began your solo trip here on earth, you end it alone.


If the thought of traveling solo appeals to you but you wonder how you’ll manage, step back and consider that you’re already on a solo journey. And dollars to donuts, it’s prepared you for that adventure you’re dreaming of.



photo credit: Aitor Escauriaza via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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