Spring Renewal

by Liz Jansen
Spring has been late arriving here in Ontario so a road trip south to warmer temps was a welcome break from the unseasonal cold we’ve been experiencing.
Aside from loose planning, there’s no point getting bogged down in details. That only closes the door to the wonderful serendipity that happens when we’re on the road. I belong to Moto-Stays, a moto-home-sharing site—which is how I came to meet Elsie Smith in York, PA.
spring renewal
It was approximately the half-way point to Appomattox, Virginia, and the Horizons Unlimited event I was attending. There I met a kindred spirit and new friend, and spent a lovely evening sharing stories. It’s a great way to travel – so check it out and see if there are others participating along your route.
Although the weather wasn’t optimal, rain didn’t deter those in attendance at the Virginia gathering, including many new to adventure travel. A diverse gathering of people and motorcycles from eclectic to exclusive, sharing a love of travel and a zest for life. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
The most astounding feat was recounted by Dylan Samara Wickrama– an incredible round-the-world adventurer who upon arriving at the Darien Gap, constructed a raft powered by his motorcycle to take him from Panama to Columbia. One might think a two-hour evening presentation would get weary, but everyone in the audience hung on to every word in rapt attention. Seemingly insurmountable obstacles kept materializing but so did miracles—like having dolphins come to your rescue when you’re being carried off shore by ocean currents. Watch the trailer.
This year Horizons Unlimited will host 22 similar events around the world, including one in Ontario June 9-12. It makes a great destination and you always leave enriched for having been there.
Photo Credit Horizons Unlimited
Then it was time to enjoy the spring time riding through the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and Allegheny mountains. Mother Nature was at her glorious best with everything bursting to life. Twisty roads wound beside streams tumbling over rocks as they made their way to the ocean, the chorus of birds was easily audible through my helmet, a profusion of green was everywhere, and the heady fragrance of blossoms permeated the air. I couldn’t help but feel the energy and connection!
At the end of April, the weather is pleasant and there’s hardly any traffic, especially during the week. The further up into the mountains you go, the twistier the roads, and the more you have them to yourself.
Watch for the full story to be published in print, including some of the interesting characters I met.
Wishing you health, happiness, abundance, laughter, and adventures. Safe travels, wherever your Road leads.

Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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  1. Traveling by motorcycle become a hot trend for the young or motorcycle riders. But, you know, I’m very surprised and interested in your road trip with friends and motorcycles. Amazing, I love it!

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