16 Riders on How to Get Started with Motorcycle Camping

16 Riders on How to Get Started with Motorcycle Camping

It may be getting dark and colder outside, but we’re already thinking ahead to next season!  Motorcycle camping was the topic of conversation and we asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What do you recommend for someone getting started with motorcycle camping– i.e. tent, sleeping bag, mattress?”


IMG_2268 KLR campsite sm16 Riders on How to Get Started with Motorcycle Camping


  1. Mark K. An EXPED air mattress is a godsend, a good quality corkscrew is also a must.


  1. Kim C.  freeze some water and juice the night before u leave….you will have something cool to drink while on the road; also some lip balm with sun protector !!


  1. Jeff D.  I have used the same $29 tent from Canadian Tire for the last five years. I think it’s time to upgrade.


  1. Catharine SD. Agree Don. Having cheap camping gear can make for bad experience. A good thermorest is important. A sleeping bag for cold is also important. We debated between Big Agnus or Exped. We went with 7m Exped.


  1. Linda Y.  I watched u-tube to get information on suggested products. I also talked to other bike campers.


  1. Bruce P. Good advice, some people have been camping since childhood and have an idea of what they want/need. Others are considering it for economy.


  1. Lindsay T.  Buy the best quality equipment you can afford. Practice setting up your camp until you can do it quickly and in the dark. There will be times that you are setting up in pouring rain, absolute darkness and in total exhaustion. Usually at the point when your riding friends are grumpy.


  1. Randy B.  Always remember that your motorcycle has a headlight..no more total darkness..


  1. Joseph B.  Best quality and most compact, even if it costs a bit more it’s worth it .


  1. Brad G.  Mountain equipment co-op has some great compact gear that’s great for bike camping


  1. Don E.  Do not cheap out on a tent. Make sure the fly extends to the ground. Then, I have chosen specific items for size and weight; camp pillow, small sleeping bag in compression bag, microfibre bath towel, etc..


  1. Alan W.  I have a Eureka two man tent, a NEMO insulated air mattress, an US Army modular sleeping bag. Whisperlite stove, and cookware I found on Amazon. Shop wisely and spend the money on a good tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Sleeping good and being comfortable on a trip is super important. All of my stuff really packs well too. I also have a cool camp chair that folds up flat. Oh and don’t forget a good stowaway pillow!


  1. Brad S.  compact gear, wind -waterproof tent large enough to bring important gear inside, self inflating mattress, warm sleeping bag, dry bag for storage, compression bags, reliable flashlight.


  1. Bruce P.  I think the picture contains all the important items a camper needs, you just can’t see then because they are bagged and boxed to keep then dry.


  1. Don E.  All of my externally mounted gear when travelling is placed inside a military duffle bag and laid flat across the passenger seat. It keeps the weight low and the goods contained. Very easy to tie on one big bag than a bunch of items.


  1. Brian B.  Insta-tent. Bought one last year great piece of kit. A little bulky but sets up in less than a minute.




What suggestions can you add?





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    • Another thing that’s good about that perspective is that backpacker gear is a good place to look for motorcycle camping gear too. Thanks Brent.


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