9 Habits to Keep You Grounded

Much like an electrical current is grounded to prevent a potentially damaging short circuit, your being needs a connection to the earth to stay grounded, balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit. Motorcycles are literal proof positive of its

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9 Choices Within your Circle of Control

by Liz Jansen It’s hard to picture anything more invigorating than a motorcycle ride through the countryside, feeling the wind, the sun and the freedom. You want it to last forever. As romantic as it sounds, it comes with a

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9 Ways to Stay Balanced While Dealing with Change

Nothing is static. Dealing with change, whether welcome or not, voluntary or imposed, is the norm. Yet there are times when the activity level reaches an unusually frenetic pace and it’s difficult to maintain balance. When riding a motorcycle, you

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9 Important Things to Focus On

Mirrors reflect whatever they focus on. Motorcycles, the most vulnerable vehicles on the road, have only two of them. In a way, that makes things simpler. It also makes whatever they’re reflecting back that much more important.   They’re an

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9 Riding Skills Teach Lessons on Personal Power

Proficiency and confidence go hand in hand with learning how to access personal power. No matter what skill you’re learning, developing it takes patience, practice and persistence. Every time you’re faced with a new challenge, there’ll be a learning curve

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9 Ways to Differentiate Good Advice from Bad

An advisor can help you save time, money and see you out of a rough spot. But how do know if the advice you’re getting is good advice for you? When you have nothing to calibrate against or are up

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Get Grounded: 10 Year-End Life Lessons from Motorcycles – Part I

Calendar year ends are useful notches in the continuum of time to reflect on the lessons and accomplishments of the past twelve months, assess the current situation, set goals and plan. It’s a good time to re-establish ground and take

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9 Ways to Prevent Stagnation

Originally posted November 12, 2012. You’re probably feeling a little stagnant after all the festivities. Time to get up and get moving – after you read this! Gas can degrade when it sits for too long, which is why manufacturers

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Interdependence: 7 Relationships Which Touch Us All

This season we cherish and give thanks for the special relationships in our life. Originally posted on July 10, 2012, there is special relevance for today. Interdependence: 7 Relationships Which Touch Us All No one is an island. Not even

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9 Tips for Finding Your Tribe

Everyone belongs to a tribe somewhere. These are the people with common interests and values who inspire us, energize us, help us grow – and lend a hand when we need it. Scientific data has shown that finding your tribe

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