The Mom Who Took Off on Her Motorcycle with Diana Bletter

In this podcast you will learn: How a 52-year-old woman with no riding experience decided to ride to Alaska with her husband, each on their own motorcycle. While she learned how to ride, the journey was more a lesson in courage, rediscovering the passion and finding out who she was.




The Mom Who Took Off on Her Motorcycle

DianaBletterDiana explains what prompted her to take off in mid-life. As a mother of four children, two step-children and an unofficially adopted daughter from Ethiopia, she found herself at a crossroads in her life as they were all leaving home. She was looking for something new and dramatic for herself and wasn’t sure what to do.


The Universe sent signs. Standing in the parking lot of Starbucks, she noticed a woman on her motorcycle. Intrigued, she walked over to speak with her and learned she was off on a solo trip to Alaska. Crossing the street a month later, she saw the same woman, now returning from her trip. Right then and there she told her husband, a rider, that she was going to ride a motorcycle to Alaska.


A new rider and her husband set out to pursue her dream. Diana had no idea what she was getting into. In spite of objections from friends, once she decided to go, there was no stopping her. She had to prove them wrong.


How she found the courage. She believes that fear is like walking through a burning room. That’s what she did and she found her braver self on the other side of that fire.


Learn how she dealt with stress. Diana was a new rider, alone with her husband for an extended period after raising their children, new to camping and setting off on the adventure of a lifetime. She dealt with the feeling of being overwhelmed by moving the wheels, one turn at a time.


Listen as she describes her motto: Life doesn’t come to you. You make it happen. Make your dreams happen.


Her favorite experience might surprise you. Listen as she describes it.


Her hardest experience may also surprise you. Hint: It had to do with tears of joy.


Learn about her perspective as a woman rider. Diana was surprised that given the increase of women in motorcycling, she still received surprised glances when people realized she was a woman under the helmet and gear.




Listen as she describes what she accomplished with the trip. It spiked her courage. She now knows that if she can sit on a motorcycle for fifty-one days, she can stand on her own two feet.


Long distance riding as a meditation. Diana describes her experience as a “moving meditation.” It was challenging physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She felt a very real awareness of present moment; that this moment is all there is.


Listen to Diana’s advice for anyone contemplating something similar, whether it’s on a motorcycle or some other adventure. She talks about her values and the message she distills through her stories and the inspiration she hopes others take from her experience.



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11 comments on “The Mom Who Took Off on Her Motorcycle with Diana Bletter
  1. Barbara says:

    I don’t know you, Diana, but I already like you a lot!!!!! That’s my kind of girl…:)

  2. Brenda says:

    Diana, your comment about being “meditative, inside your head” really resonated with me. I’m currently moving from a 125cc scooter to a motorcycle and ride with my husband. He decided to try radio headsets so we could communicate with each other during our rides. When we ride, I do go into a meditative “seeing/feeling/thinking/revelling” in the moment in my head (if that makes sense to you) and got almost irrationally angry when my wonderful husband’s voice suddenly intruded into that space.

    Liz and Diana, thank you for sharing this podcast and further inspirations of strength.

    • lizjansen says:

      You are most welcome Brenda. Thanks for sharing your story.

      Makes perfect sense to me! I used the “Off” button a lot when I had a radio. 🙂


      • Barbara says:

        … That’s why these headsets are not in our possession, we use hand signals for the important stuff like stop, eat, pee, and the rest is just great ‘silence’, only the voice of the motor should be heard, haha!

  3. Mary McGee says:

    What a ‘gutsy’ woman thank you for your story.

  4. Robyn Collins says:

    Hi Diana and Liz , Wonderful to read about your adventure Diana. You are my kind of girl setting your mind to something and then doing it. I would love to read your book so I will try and find it on Amazon?

  5. lizjansen says:

    Thanks Diana. Loved having the conversation with you. You’re one gutsy lady!!!


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