20 Riders on How to Watch for Unsafe Drivers

Who do you give a wide berth to on the road?


We put the question to Motorcycle Mojo Magazine fans during a recent online chat session. Read what they’ve got to say — and add yours in the comments below.


unsafe drivers20 Riders on How to Watch for Unsafe Drivers


  1. John A. Any cager that lane dives or does not signal


  1. Rick G. Everybody. I assume no one can see me and those that do will then actively try to kill me.


  1. Suhaymath N. Fully laden pick-up trucks, especially if the way everything is secured looks suspect (lost a friend because an improperly secured ladder fell off a truck). Any vehicle that seems poorly maintained because you never know whether or not the owner’s driving ability is in equal disrepair. Any vehicle that is clearly NOT being operated safely (speeders, swervers, etc.)…and that includes other motorcyclists. Vehicles being operated by someone using a mobile device…which, frighteningly, I’ve had to extend to another motorcyclist. And more that I can’t recall off the top of my head…


  1. Liz J. I don’t like following a driver if I can’t see their head over the driver’s seat. It unnerves me. Also don’t like riding behind trailers, pick-ups with loose stuff on them. Or a vehicle with a loose license plate.


  1. Mark K. Tractor trailers, rental RV’s, Budget rent a trucks and living where I do on Vancouver Island, old people. [Liz Jansen: Agree on all. Rental RV’s are a particular hazard in the summer with so many people who aren’t familiar with them operating them. And goodness knows what distractions are going on inside!]


  1. Tom M. Elderly drivers.


  1. Lou A. Large vehicles for sure, including farm equipment which is prevalent in our neck of the woods


  1. Jeff S. everyone


  1. Kathy B. Semi wheel trucks especially on the hi way, vehicles that are swaying especially in windy conditions and anyone that I don’t think is paying attention to traffic.


  1. John C.Jr. Texters


  1. Darlene D. I usually give a wide berth to large trucks & buses, taxis because they are usually in a hurry and anyone with an L (learner) or N (new) sticker too unpredictable.


  1. Kevin G. Fully loaded gravel trucks !!


  1. Brad G. EVERYONE.


  1. John T. Always hold your ground as long as you can just to be able to buy those few precious feet when you absolutely need them.


  1. Danielle B. Rental RVs. Open pick up trucks., Aggressive drivers.


  1. Brian L. Rental vehicles.


  1. Noel H. Cages in
  2. general. Tractor trailers, simply because they are not particularly maneuverable and the wind turbulence will effect your bike.


  1. Lindsay T. Men wearing hats and young guys wearing their ball caps backwards.


  1. Colin W. People with very dented and banged up cars. If they were good drivers they wouldn’t have all those dents


  1. Stephanie M. Both.



Who do you steer clear of? Put your answer in the comments below.




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2 Comments on “20 Riders on How to Watch for Unsafe Drivers

  1. I echo the open pick up trucks. Once had to avoid an box full of glass as it flew out of the truck and exploded next to me. Not nice. I also pay extra care to shoddy vehicles and trailers as well as semi’s. Have done my fair share of yelling at in attentive drivers, especially the ones on the phone.

    • That glass could have been catastrophic. Good thing you’re alert.
      It’s amazing to see the look on driver’s faces when they realize you’re there!

      Thanks for adding those.


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