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5 Ways to Be Open to What the Road Delivers

by Liz Jansen Being open to what the road delivers and prepared to deal with the consequences, makes you vulnerable to pain. We’ve all experienced deep hurt, betrayal, and deceit by people close to us. It’s a natural reaction to

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Tammy Perry | Life in Guatemala

by Liz Jansen When we last spoke with Tammy in January 2014, she was leaving her job in Newfoundland, her house was sold and she had a contract for work in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan. We’re checking in with her, six

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Linda Crill on Navigating Life’s Blind Curves

Linda Crill is a sought-after Washington DC consultant and motivational speaker who has worked with Citigroup, Cadbury-Mott’s, Goldman Sachs, Marriott International, Inc., and several other Fortune 100 companies, universities, non-profits, and government departments and agencies. In Blind Curves, Crill describes her unusual

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Dealing with Change: 5 Pain Relief Strategies for Healthy Relationships

Dealing with change is painful. Like a house that is undergoing renovations, rubble, dust and debris are created when we tear down walls, erected sometimes over a lifetime to protect our inner Self. Whether we initiate a life-altering event or

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