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Who’s that Face in the Mirror Looking Back at You?

by Liz Jansen If you could divest yourself of social constraints, expectations, and cultural conformity, who are you when you look in the mirror? Who is that wild you? What does she or he want? What are their dreams? Four

Finding Happiness in the Dark

by Liz Jansen Finding happiness and peace of mind is easy when things are going well. Or when we’re riding our motorcycles. We feel joy, freedom, and even euphoria. A spiritual connection. Riding makes you feel better physically. Paul Pelland,

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The Itinerant Writing and Riding Life

by Liz Jansen Today I’m taking a day off from writing and going riding! Actually I don’t write every day, but most days. When I’m not putting words on paper, I’m digging into the past, and the present—both with their

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11 Riders Caption their Summer Moto Travel Plans

Riding season has arrived not only on the calendar, but also with more seasonal temperatures. During this week’s Facebook chat with Motorcycle Mojo fans, we talked about the rides for the season, and asked how riders would caption their moto travel

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7 Ways to Celebrate Freedom Friday

In celebration of all motorcycle riders, The AMA has designated April as Go Ride! Month, culminating with “Go Ride Safely! Week, this week. Each week has had a different theme and each Friday designated as Freedom Friday. It’s important not

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90,000′ Book Launch of Great American Motorcycle Tours

Looking for motivation to pursue your dreams?  Check out what Gary McKechnie is up to.  He gave us a sneak preview during our podcast, posted on   Gary McKechnie on Living the Dream.     In the late 1990’s Gary felt

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Knowing your Purpose and Acting on It!

We all come into this world with special gifts and a unique purpose. For some, it takes years of searching before knowing what that purpose is.   Think of how exceptional it would be to know what you’re here for

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Motorcycles and Happiness

Here’s a great feel-good Friday read on the relationship between motorcycles and happiness. This will be of no surprise to motorcycle riders. Perhaps it will make others look at it differently. In any case enjoy! Motorcycling Makes you Happy: Fact

A Pinch of Tobacco & a Life Lesson

Pinch of Tobacco   Yesterday my 10-month old MAC crashed. Bad. VSA. And I can’t even get it looked at before late tomorrow afternoon – when I’m scheduled to be at Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally.   In no specific

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12 Top Secret Swimming Holes

  We’re always looking for novel travel destinations. How’s this for an idea: Link together these (no-longer-so) top secret swimming holes, as identified by USA today.   The first is only 2 hours from where I live and I’ve never

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