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10 Ways to Set Priorities

by Liz Jansen There’s little room for error when you’re riding a motorcycle. Riding skills are only the beginning. You need to set priorities and make decisions with confidence in order for others on the road to take you seriously. Sound

10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

by Liz Jansen While you don’t come with throttle, clutch, or brakes, there are direct parallels and lessons on how to manage your power and learn to make better decisions through motorcycle riding.  Apply the symbolism from motorcycle controls to

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10 Life Lessons from the Shifter

by Liz Jansen Using the shifter (a.k.a. the gear selector) on a motorcycle teaches life lessons about personal choice. As the rider, you alone control which gear you’re in, when you change gears, and the manner in which it’s done. To

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10 Reasons to Throttle Up

by Liz Jansen A motorcycle’s throttle is the device that controls the flow of fuel and air into the engine, thereby controlling the power. Learn to throttle up! Understanding throttle control means understanding power. Your throttle is your friend. Lose

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10 Reasons to Use the Brakes

by Liz Jansen Applying the brakes reduces your speed. Whether that means slowing down or coming to a full stop depends on the situation and how you decide to respond. Braking is something that is completely under your control. It’s

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9 Ways to Make Better Decisions

A motorcycle responds to direction based on fact. It doesn’t interpret, inject emotion or argue. Inputs that affect performance come not only from the operator, but also from the road and the immediate environment. Consequently, when all inputs have been

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7 Types of Controls and How to Use Them

Much of what happens in your life is beyond your control. What you can control however, is your response to situations, which in turn can dramatically affect an outcome or alter a course of action.   There are tons of

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7 Tactics to Maintain Control

by Liz Jansen While it’s great to understand that you’ve got unlimited power, learning how to manage it to maintain control is what keeps you on the road. A new rider hasn’t yet mastered the skills or confidence to manage

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9 Reasons to Brake

Much as I like to minimize brake use, choosing instead to pace myself, there are times that life comes along and puts the brakes on for me. That happened this week. A minor ailment required me to change scheduled plans

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9 Tips for Getting Your Message Across

Getting your message across is a survival skill for motorcycle riders. In theory, using turn signals and brake lights alerts others to your intended action helps avoid collisions.   Although an admirable first step, assuming those communications have been acknowledged

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