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Premium or Regular? 10 Fuels to Power You

by Liz Jansen About this time of year, many of us need an extra shot of energy, especially if we’re not riding our motorcycles. Here’s a reminder of the kinds of things that fuel us and will give us that

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7 Ways to Use Less Energy to Get Better Results

by Liz Jansen I don’t know about you, but I seem to be having to stop and fill up my tank more often this year. What I’d like to do instead is find ways to use less energy to create

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Life Lessons from Motorcycles – 5 Principles for Generating Epic Energy

Enjoy this excerpt from Life Lessons from Motorcycles, 75 Tips for Generating Epic Energy. Download the entire ebook for free. The following five principles underpin the tips that follow, forming the framework upon which to achieve your maximum potential. Make wise

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7 Ways to Have More Energy

Energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same level of service.  On a motorcycle, it means getting more miles from a tank of gas and it happens through riding practices, keeping a well-maintained motorcycle and correcting any fuel

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7 Tips on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means getting the most out of a tank of gas. It happens by learning how to use fuel efficiently, keeping your motorcycle properly maintained and stopping any leaks.   The same principles apply to life. Using your energy

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5 Reasons Your Engine Stalls

An engine stalls because it runs out of gas. No gas; no run. The contributing factors can be many, but ultimately, it’s starved for fuel. Life’s the same. Many things can cause us to stall in our tracks. Being proactive,

9 Signs the Fuel Warning Light Is On

Most bikes have some sort of indicator to alert you that it’s time to top up. This is either a gauge with a fuel warning light or a tap that you switch to the reserve position when fuel is running

7 Tips for Personal Energy Efficiency

Fuel is a precious resource, whether it’s generating personal energy or feeding your motorcycle’s gas tank. Practicing energy conservation takes experience, time and persistence. The results are reflected in your personal effectiveness.   7 tips for personal energy efficiency  

9 Things to Draw the Line On

When do you have enough? Where do you draw the line? Motorcycles have a finite specification for ingredients that nourish them. Lines embossed on reservoirs for oil, coolant and brake fluid indicate a minimum and maximum level. Each fluid has

9 Tips to Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Although an engine’s size, design and use all factor in to its energy efficiency, there are many other choices a rider makes which can influence that significantly. While some are obvious, others are more subtle usurpers of precious energy.  

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