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10 Techniques for Staying Grounded

by Liz Jansen A motorcycle’s engine holds a tremendous amount of power—more than most of us come close to using. However, just because it’s capable of performing at a certain level doesn’t mean it always will. And it’s not affected

5 Principles for Staying Grounded

Enjoy this excerpt from Life Lessons from Motorcycles (LLFM), 75 Tips for Staying Grounded, the next in the LLFM series. Download the entire ebook for free. The following five principles form a solid foundation upon which to establish a practice that keeps

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7 Ways to Stay Grounded

Staying in contact with the ground is fundamental when you’re riding a motorcycle. If your tires lose contact with the road surface, it’s not good. You’re going to need to call on all your skills to get back in control.

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7 Tips for Staying Grounded

Being grounded means to “give (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis,” (Oxford Dictionary). Under normal riding conditions, having your motorcycle tires lose contact with the ground is an indication your ride is about to come to a grinding

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7 Steps for Staying Grounded

Being grounded is a fundamental competency when you’re riding a motorcycle. Generally, when tires lose contact with the road surface, the outcome is not good. Enjoyment and safety are inextricable. Staying grounded requires skill, good judgment, momentum and balance.  

9 Techniques to Stay Grounded

Knowing how to stay grounded is the foundation on which all other experiences evolve – riding or other. Just as it’s essential for your safe motorcycle travel to stay in contact with the ground, so is it essential to keep

9 Foundation Blocks for Being Grounded

Being grounded is the foundation on which all other riding experiences evolve. Acquiring the technical, physical and mental skills not only set the stage for safe and enjoyable riding, they bode well for many years of incredible experiences. While the

9 Habits to Keep You Grounded

Much like an electrical current is grounded to prevent a potentially damaging short circuit, your being needs a connection to the earth to stay grounded, balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit. Motorcycles are literal proof positive of its

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9 Ways to Differentiate Good Advice from Bad

An advisor can help you save time, money and see you out of a rough spot. But how do know if the advice you’re getting is good advice for you? When you have nothing to calibrate against or are up

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9 Escapes from Current Reality

There are activities when you can get by with being oblivious to your surroundings. Motorcycling is not one of them. You need accurate inputs from your self, your motorcycle, your immediate environment and your future. Your ability to live in

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