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Tips on how to purchase gear

How to Find the Right Motorcycle Gear: Talk to an Expert

I’ve been on the hunt for the right motorcycle gear. My Gore-Tex suit, riding boots, and gloves have served me extremely well, but they’re worn out. The jacket and pants are no longer waterproof even when treated, boots take on

ATGATT: Merely A Starting Point

by Liz Jansen Anyone who rides a motorcycle has heard of the importance of ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). Whether you adopt it into practice is a personal choice. While I’ve always been an ATGATT rider and advocate,

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Gear Review—BMW TourShell Suit

Today I offer you something different than my usual articles—a gear review, written for Women Riders Now. Even before I knew I was going to be living from my bike for at least a year, I was on a quest

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7 Criteria for Selecting Motorcycle Gear

With new textiles and technology, motorcycle gear has evolved a long way in the last decade, even more so in the last few years. As someone who extends the season as long as possible, rides in whatever weather the road

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17 Riders on Waterproof Gear and Dry Hands and Feet

Even if you don’t plan on riding in the rain, ever, if you’re out there at all, you’re likely going to get caught in some weather. Be prepared. You might find it’s not as bad as you envisioned. In fact,

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17 Riders Talk About Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves

With the winter most of us have had, we’ll be anxious to get out riding as soon as possible. Even though the temperatures are warming though, it can still get chilly. We asked our Motorcycle Mojo fans, “How do you

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15 Riders Talk About Motorcycle Boots

As a rider, you know the importance of good gear that works and is comfortable. We asked the fans of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What is your favourite moto boot? Why? How do you choose motorcycle boots?” 15 Riders Talk About  Motorcycle

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19 Riders Talk About Motorcycle Gloves

As a rider, you know the importance of good gear that works and is comfortable. Hand protection in particular needs to fit well so it doesn’t interfere with dexterity and flexibility. We asked the fans of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What

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18 Riders Comment on Moto Rain Gear

Finding reliable rain gear has been a life long quest for me. Sure it has to stand up to the rigors of the weather, but is it so much to ask that it keep the rain out?  We asked the

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15 Riders Let Us Look inside Their Motorcycle Gear Closet

by Liz Jansen Gear is worn to protect us from the elements and the road.  Both have many variables, even within one ride, so how do you prepare?  We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What’s the minimum gear

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