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Thank you for sharing my Road!

But be prepared. This remarkable Road is full of twists and turns, changes, a few potholes, and it’s always an adventure.

Right now, this website is an adventure of it’s own, just like a road under construction. It’s just been revamped to make it easier for you to navigate and to make it easier to read. There is still work to be done so thank you for being patient. If you can’t find anything you’re looking for, email Liz.

I’d also love to hear your constructive feedback and suggestions. Tell me what you think!

Liz JansenMy Mission

To be known globally as a messenger of inspiration who walks her soul’s path, or in my case rides her soul’s path, with practical feet. All of my activities have a common focus: to create the space for others to discover and practice their greatness.

About my Work

Over the years, my work has evolved into a practice that involves making the most of your experience, whether it’s learning to ride a motorcycle, or carrying the transformative experience off the motorcycle into daily life.

Drawing on my own extensive riding experiences and life lessons, my role is to help you discover what you already know and guide you to lay out your personal route for success, using strengths you already have.

I can show you how to use that energy to create adventure, confidence and success, traveling the Road that is uniquely yours.

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