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7 Ways to Practice Non Suffering as Taught by Motorcycles

Everyone experiences pain. It’s part of our human experience and a that supports personal growth. While feeling hurt is a natural response to a wound, choosing to suffer is entirely different. A motorcycle doesn’t dwell on the story about its

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7 Ways to Increase Your Self Worth

Self-worth respects and acknowledges who you are. Yet sometimes you overlook your self in your quest to serve others. What you do for your motorcycle you must do for your self. Routine maintenance, inspections and replacing parts proactively keep your

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9 Personal Branding Tips

Learn personal branding tips from the experts. Manufacturers go to great lengths to establish, protect and strengthen their image. This extends to how and where logos are shown, corporate colors, the type of people they hire and the activities they

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9 Reasons to Brake

Much as I like to minimize brake use, choosing instead to pace myself, there are times that life comes along and puts the brakes on for me. That happened this week. A minor ailment required me to change scheduled plans

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9 Sources of Junk Food for the Soul

Imagine feeding our motorcycles junk food: substandard oil, fuel or brake fluid. Most of us don’t do that. We give our motorcycles the highest quality ingredients possible and are rewarded with performance, safety, reliability and longevity. Yet when it comes

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9 Building Blocks for Balance

Learning to achieve balance in your life is every bit as important as learning to balance a motorcycle. Following these suggestions will lead you to success in either.  9 building blocks for balance Know where you’re going. It sounds fundamental and

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9 Tips for Getting Your Message Across

Getting your message across is a survival skill for motorcycle riders. In theory, using turn signals and brake lights alerts others to your intended action helps avoid collisions.   Although an admirable first step, assuming those communications have been acknowledged

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9 Habits to Keep You Grounded

Much like an electrical current is grounded to prevent a potentially damaging short circuit, your being needs a connection to the earth to stay grounded, balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit. Motorcycles are literal proof positive of its

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9 Choices Within your Circle of Control

by Liz Jansen It’s hard to picture anything more invigorating than a motorcycle ride through the countryside, feeling the wind, the sun and the freedom. You want it to last forever. As romantic as it sounds, it comes with a

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9 Ways to Stay Balanced While Dealing with Change

Nothing is static. Dealing with change, whether welcome or not, voluntary or imposed, is the norm. Yet there are times when the activity level reaches an unusually frenetic pace and it’s difficult to maintain balance. When riding a motorcycle, you

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