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Life Lessons—5 Tips for the Face in the Mirror

Enjoy this excerpt from Life Lessons from Motorcycles (LLFM)—75 Tips for the Face in the Mirror, the next in the LLFM series. Download the entire ebook for free. The following five principles form the broad picture, which gives shape to the

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9 Messages from Mirrors

As a communications device, mirrors act as both senders and receivers. They show you what’s going on in your surroundings while sharing your reflection with others. Similarly, people act as mirrors, delivering life lessons to you, and reflecting back what

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9 Features to Look for in a Mirror

By conveying information you would otherwise not have, mirrors act as important safety features. They reflect information back to you that you would otherwise not see – information on which you base decisions that affect your future.   People are

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7 Lessons from Mirrors When Reflecting on Your Past

Motorcycle mirrors remind you where you’ve been and what lessons you’ve learned. But focus on them and you miss the present and risk the future. They’re silent, but their message is loud and clear. And they help keep you safe

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Life Lessons from Motorcycles: 7 Images from Mirrors

Life Lessons from Motorcycles: Mirrors Mirrors. We love them and we hate them. We can’t do without them yet we want to escape from what they show us. They’re silent, but their message is loud and clear. And they help

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