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Changing Direction

We all crash. Very few of us crash on motorcycles but at some point in our lives, we experience devastating events—death of a loved one, major illness, divorce, financial challenge, job change or loss—which cause us to sit back, sometimes literally, and reassess our priorities.

The temptation is to get caught up in our story and question why it’s happening, why it’s happening to us (we didn’t deserve it), and how, if ever we can recover.

Without minimizing the event or altering the facts, we can change how we view them, what they teach us about ourselves, learn how to better understand and recognize our strengths, and use these lessons to write our story moving forward.

Liz draws from her motorcycling experience to explore how to find courage, strength, and confidence—and then integrate these qualities into your daily personal and professional life. Learning to lead yourself is the first step in becoming a more effective leader of others.

By applying her wisdom and insights, you’ll change your mind about who you really are and what you can do.

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More than twenty years in Human Resources and forty years of riding motorcycles have given author, speaker, coach and adventurer Liz Jansen unique insights into the subject of empowerment.

Building on her expertise, she has combined business and pastime to attain a distinctive perspective on the acquisition and dispersion of personal power. She has spent the last ten years developing innovative products and programs which create the space for others to discover their road to personal and professional transformation.

Liz often uses the metaphor of motorcycling to create innovative and engaging speaking presentations. Yet you don’t have to have been a rider to understand how empowering it is to be humbled by, accept and embrace your limits and masterfully move past them. The theme of being your authentic self can resonate with anyone. She adapts her presentations to meet audience and organizational needs.

speakingPartial List of Engagements:

  • Canada Food Inspection Agency
  • Ottawa International Motorcycle Show (OIMS)
  • International Motorcycle Supershow (IMSS) Toronto – 2012
  • Horizons Unlimited
  • BMW Motorrad
  • International Motorcycle Show (IMS) – San Mateo, CA
  • IMS – Washington, DC
  • IMS – NYC, NY
  • IMS – Cleveland, OH
  • IMS – Minneapolis, MN
  • IMS – Chicago, IL
  • International Motorcycle Supershow (IMSS) Toronto – 2011
  • Toronto Motorcycle Show


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