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Celebrate the Return of Light with Peace

by Liz Jansen Today we celebrate the return of the light in the northern hemisphere. For tens of thousands of years, people around the world have celebrated this sacred and auspicious time. Tonight I’ll celebrate with a contemplative lantern walk

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How to Train Car Drivers and Achieve World Peace

by Liz Jansen I’ve been experimenting lately in a variety of traffic situations. Remarkably, I’m convinced there’s potential to train car drivers to make our roads safer. Initial results are promising and the drivers don’t even know it’s happening. Anyone

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Finding Happiness in the Dark

by Liz Jansen Finding happiness and peace of mind is easy when things are going well. Or when we’re riding our motorcycles. We feel joy, freedom, and even euphoria. A spiritual connection. Riding makes you feel better physically. Paul Pelland,

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Motorcycle Ambassadors of Peace

Motorcyclists are the ideal ambassadors of peace. It hadn’t occurred to me until I attended a Horizons Unlimited travelers meeting last weekend, when over a hundred travelers from Canada, Australia, England, United States and the Netherlands converged in a farmer’s

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21 Ways to Build International Day of Peace

Today marks the thirtieth year that Peace Day has been celebrated. First celebrated in 1982, in 2002 the United Nations General Assembly officially declared September 21 as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace. Maybe I’ve missed something. 

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Women and Motorcycles: Cindy Walas Speaks

Women Riders Speak is an interview series with female motorcyclists. Through their stories, they illustrate the transformative role motorcycling has played in their life. Cindy Walas dreamt of owning a Porsche. Instead, this graphic arts professional and her husband found

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