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5 Ways to Manage Fear and Be Successful

by Liz Jansen No one is immune from the presence of fear. Talk to any one of the speakers from the Power of the Road conference, and they’ll tell you there are times they are terrified. What’s different about these

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10 steps to overcoming failure

by Liz Jansen It’s a shock. You’ve never had to overcome failure before. It looked so easy. Others do it seemingly with ease, and you assumed that you too would be successful. Taking on stretch goals teaches you more about

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Honoring Dads and Daughters

In honor of dads and daughters everywhere! The healthy relationship you have with your daughter paves the way for her success in life.   On this feel-good Friday post, read this touching tribute to one woman’s father, and the difference

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5 Simple Steps for Success

Although merely an arbitrary line in the continuum of life, the calendar year-end is often a time of reflection, recalibrating and planning. Of greater value, is building this into a way of being, such that is not overwhelming. After all,

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7 Reasons to Mind Your Own Business

Last week American Besse Cooper celebrated her 116th birthday. One of her two secrets to healthy longevity? Mind your own business. Yoga instructors tell us to “Stay on your mat.” In motorcycling we learn to focus our eyes where we

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