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Discovering Gold in Chaos—Adapting to Change

by Liz Jansen My house move is over and I settled into my new place within a day. As upsetting as it was to get evicted (slight embellishment), it’s been like discovering gold in chaos. There were two ways to

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10 Joys of Walking

by Liz Jansen Taking public transit for my doctor’s appointment yesterday floated briefly through my thoughts, before setting those thoughts free. I’d miss the joys of walking. It was three kilometers (two miles) each way and included some hills, but

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Premium or Regular? 10 Fuels to Power You

by Liz Jansen About this time of year, many of us need an extra shot of energy, especially if we’re not riding our motorcycles. Here’s a reminder of the kinds of things that fuel us and will give us that

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10 Signs You’re Malnourished

by Liz Jansen A malnourished body is no different than a malnourished motorcycle. In either case, you’ll eventually be marooned. Riders get to know their bikes’ nuances and can detect subtle signs that something is wrong. It may be that

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10 Reasons to Throttle Up

by Liz Jansen A motorcycle’s throttle is the device that controls the flow of fuel and air into the engine, thereby controlling the power. Learn to throttle up! Understanding throttle control means understanding power. Your throttle is your friend. Lose

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7 Ways to Use Less Energy to Get Better Results

by Liz Jansen I don’t know about you, but I seem to be having to stop and fill up my tank more often this year. What I’d like to do instead is find ways to use less energy to create

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Power of the Road Day 4 – And what people are saying

Today is Day 4 and there’s another line-up of powerful speakers. Plus, here’s what people are saying about this event: “Thank you for this amazing informative poweroftheroad site. Just finished listening to Genevieve and Christa of Roadrunner. Incredible interviews thank

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Life Lessons from Motorcycles – 5 Principles for Generating Epic Energy

Enjoy this excerpt from Life Lessons from Motorcycles, 75 Tips for Generating Epic Energy. Download the entire ebook for free. The following five principles underpin the tips that follow, forming the framework upon which to achieve your maximum potential. Make wise

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7 Ways to Have More Energy

Energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same level of service.  On a motorcycle, it means getting more miles from a tank of gas and it happens through riding practices, keeping a well-maintained motorcycle and correcting any fuel

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7 Tips on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means getting the most out of a tank of gas. It happens by learning how to use fuel efficiently, keeping your motorcycle properly maintained and stopping any leaks.   The same principles apply to life. Using your energy

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