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Discovering Gold in Chaos—Adapting to Change

by Liz Jansen My house move is over and I settled into my new place within a day. As upsetting as it was to get evicted (slight embellishment), it’s been like discovering gold in chaos. There were two ways to

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Continuing the Journey

It’s been almost two months since I went on sabbatical and I’m continuing the journey with a fresh perspective and new energy. It’s an interesting experiment—and a weird feeling—to sit back and watch the world go on around you without

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Wisdomkeepers—Book Review

by Liz Jansen “Just off the map, beyond the Interstates, out past the power lines and the shopping malls, up that little side road without a sign on it, lies the land of the Wisdomkeepers. Hidden from the mainstream of

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Debbie Evans Leavitt—Core Strength

Listen, chat with, learn, and get inspired by Debbie at the Power of the Road online conference, later today.  She’ll talk about the life lessons motorcycles have taught her and how they’ve enabled her to become successful as a person, wife, mother—and

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9 Gems from the Wisdomkeepers

by Liz Jansen Later this year, I’ll get on my motorcycle and travel through North and South America. One of the goals of this trip is to spend time with Native Americans, observe and learn. I’d like to understand who

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The Dance

Perhaps because we’re heading into the days where darkness occupies more time than light, perhaps because I’ve gained a new appreciation for our interconnectedness, or my own vulnerability and fragility, this poem spoke deeply to me.   It speaks to

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7 Types of Controls and How to Use Them

Much of what happens in your life is beyond your control. What you can control however, is your response to situations, which in turn can dramatically affect an outcome or alter a course of action.   There are tons of

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5 Slow Speed Life Skills

Anyone can get on a motorcycle and ride fast in a straight line. The stop may get them, but as long as they’re moving, the momentum will keep them up. It takes nerve but not skill.   Riding slowly is

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9 Ways to Achieve Your Vision

Riders recognize how critically important it is to achieve your vision and reach your destination. No one else can do what you’re here to do and being proactive is the best defence against the challenges you’ll encounter along the way.

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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Reinvent Yourself

  What would you think if a motorcycle decided it would like to become a tour bus? This poor motorcycle hadn’t been ridden much during its lifetime, and when it was, its rider didn’t come anywhere close to pushing its

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